who will go to Jahannam? Will All non-Muslims go to hell?

Question: Since idol worshiping is the greatest sin in Islam and Allah does not forgive an idol worshiper no matter what the situation. What about those people born into families of different religion and may not have the chance to be exposed to Islam. How will Allah punish them? Will they go to Jahannam? Answer: Alhamdulillah for this question. At times, we begin to think about certain things which generate some questions in the mind. And ignorance of things like this could bring about [...]

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We are Muslims! Let us treat the Quran like Muslims

Do you know that Muslims are the only people in the world today, fortunate enough to possess the word of God preserved in its original form, free from all distortions, and precisely in the wording in which it was sent down upon the Prophet, blessings and peace be on him? Do you also know that these same Muslims suffer the misfortune of being denied the countless blessings and benefits which the word of God must give to those who believe in it? Don’t be [...]

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Chapter 2 – Maybe you are not what you think

This is the second chapter of a book called "Am I really A Muslim?". You can download this book for free here. I have searched for a long time, as you may have, for answers to this question. And after my rigorous findings, I don’t seem to land on a single, once-and-for-all answer. But finally, I landed on an axiom that we Muslims aren’t what we think we are. Are we not Muslims if we submit to Allah? You may ask. Yes, anybody who [...]

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How can we derive the full benefits of Hajj?

To derive the full benefits from Hajj, what we need at the center of Islam are such hands that could make it effective, such hearts that could pump pure blood into the body of the Ummah, such minds that could turn the pilgrims into ambassadors of Islam, carrying its message far and wide. At least Makkah should have been a living example of Islam. Alas, this is not the case at present. From the time of the Abbasids till the Ottomans, the kings of [...]

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To all present-day Muslims: We really luck some Appreciation – See why

Now, listen to the voice of my afflicted heart! We, the present-day born Muslims, are like a child born in a diamond mine. He may have diamonds all around, but if he plays with them as if they were stones, these diamonds become as valueless for him as stones. Our attitudes toward Islam are exactly similar, because the treasures which the world is searching for, and is suffering through being deprived of, have all been given to us by virtue of our having been [...]

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How hajj renew our societies – Every Muslim must read

Brothers in Islam! Muslims who should perform Hajj, because they have the means to do so, are not few in number. They are found in thousands in every city and hundreds of thousands in every country. Many of them set out every year to perform the Pilgrimage. Imagine how, in every part of the world where Muslims live, the life of Islam becomes alive as the season of Hajj approaches, and how this sense of lively purpose extends over many months of the year. [...]

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Every step of performing hajj is by itself a blessing – See why

Brothers in Islam! What are the blessings of Hajj? One may describe them in great detail. But, in the Qur'an, where Allah instructs Ibrahim to invite people to come for Hajj, it is said: So that they may witness things that are of benefit to them (al-Hajj 22: 28). Hence, the real blessings of Hajj can only be experienced by those who actually perform it. Imam Abu Hanifah, it is narrated, was unsure which act of worship was more excellent among the various ones [...]

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Did you know that hajj was reformed by Prophet Mohammad?

If you have read my previous post, then you already know that hajj or the Pilgrimage was instituted by Prophet Ibrahim to serve as the focal meeting place for all believers in the One God. He made Makka the center of the worldwide Islamic movement and installed his elder son, Prophet Ismail, to continue his mission. But what happens after they were all gone? Idol worship dominated again Only God knows exactly how long Ismail’s children stayed on the right path. But within a [...]

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