Reason why Muslims should never sin | Dangers of sinning

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All calamities are sent by Allah Almighty because of our sins and are removed immediately because of our repentance. Remember what Allah says in the Quran: He does not change the state of anyone till we change our state of goodness ourselves (Quran 13:11).

In fact, this is one of the troubling passages on my part in the entire Quran. It happens to be one of my least favourite lines in the word of Allah. Just read the first paragraph and you’ll agree with me that it is really disturbing, and it disturbs because sins are very rampant among Muslims today.

The wisdom from this is very simple but effective. Imagine we don’t face any calamities in life and as a result, we keep committing sins with passion and getting whatever we want, definitely Satan will keep deviating us making us feel like ok, it’s normal till our death (may Allah forbid).

We all know the fact that Allah hate sins, and this formula is reminding us how much our Lord hate it hence will never change our state of hardship unless we stay away from what He dislikes.

Please make no mistake about this; Allah loves you with more care I could ever imagine. But as much us he loves everyone, He hates the sins in our lives too. This reminds me of my favourite status which states that We Should hate the Sins but Not the Sinners.

Well, the reason behind Allah’s hatred for sin in our live is very simple and straightforward, it’s because He knows very well what sin does to us and it is also because it offends His holiness and His righteousness.

Despite all these, many Muslims move on in life after committing grievous sins without any guilt feelings about it. No matter how small your sin may be, it is disliked by Allah.

Can you imagine just one sin carrying ten misdeeds? Dear Islamic brothers and sisters, a person commits just one sin but this poor soul doesn’t know that ten faults are hidden in this single sin. What are these hidden dangers? Let’s explore them out.

  1. When one commits a sin, he displeases Allah; his Creator Who has full control over him all the time.
  2. He pleases the only one who is the most cursed among all creation (Satan) who is not only an enemy to the sinner but also an enemy to Allah Almighty.
  3. He distances himself away from the excellent place (Paradise).
  4. He draws closer to a terrible place (Hell).
  5. Although he deeply loves his own self but treats it cruelly in an indirect way by committing the sin.
  6. He makes himself impure whereas Allah had created him pure.
  7. He becomes a cause of pain to his companions who never caused him any pain (i.e. those angels who are deputed for his protection.)
  8. He makes the sky, the earth, the night/day and all Muslims around him to witness to his sins, and hence he upsets them.
  9. Through his sin, he distresses his Beloved and Blessed Prophet (peace be upon Him)
  10. He commits some sort of violation (of rights) of all the Creation of Allah, whether they are human beings or any other creation. He violates human rights in the sense that he becomes unqualified (if someone needs him as a witness) because of his sins. Violation of rights of other creations in the sense that Allah will hold back rainfall from all the creation as a consequence of the sins of human beings.

Sometimes it’s common to see some Muslims indulged in secret sins. They normally say it is but a small one, and thus do they spare it.

Dear Muslims, I speak to you, I also speak to myself, let us destroy all our little sins. You may consider it little but remember it’s just like little thieves; they open doors to the greater ones outside.

In respect of these dangers involved, no one should tell you to refrain from sinning because committing sins is self-harming, it only destroys us unnoticed.

At the same time, no one should tell us to seek for forgiveness from Allah almighty. Even though the Holiest and Greatest Prophet was never involved in any kind of sins but He used to seek forgiveness from Allah every day.

This is a fact that we surely will be unfortunate and amongst the losers in this world and the next if we fail to seek for forgiveness for the sins we commit every day.

Sheikh Ibn Al-Qayyim may Allah be pleased with him reported in one of his books that: Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib (as) said, “A trial is not sent down except due to a sin, and it is not lifted except with repentance.” – Al-Jawab Al-Kafi 1/74.

There are numerous ahadith warning believers to be careful about sins. All the problems we face are connected to our sins one way or the other. That’s why it is much recommended to seek for forgiveness each day from Allah for we never know when we will fall short in our everyday activities.

One of the best zikir that can solve any kind of issues and even for whatever we need from Allah is to regularly seek for forgiveness from Allah. Recite the following supplication everyday:

Laailaaha illaa Anta Astaghfiruka wa atuubu ilaika. Yaa Hayyu yaa qayyuum biRahmatika astaqeeth.


There is none worthy of worship except you ALLAH. I seek your forgiveness and I repent to you. You are the living and maintainer of life so with your Mercy I seek your help.

Please memorize this zikir and use it even if you need children in your marriage, you are in labor pains, for exams, seeking jobs and so on.

Whatever the issue, just make your intention clear in your heart and recite this zikir regularly all the time and in shaa Allah with patience you will achieve it (bi-iznilLah).


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