problems with no solutions? Focus on Allah, you’ll be happy!

I am just wondering if you ever had the feeling that life isn’t good, really bad that you wish you were in another condition. Do you think that life seems to make everything difficult for you, work boring, life sucks, everything seems to go wrong?

It is even better if you know that someday you’ll get to the end of your problems. What about if there isn’t just any solution for you to lay your hopes on? That’s exactly a problem with no solution.

This is a situation you are forced into, and if you are forced into a situation or compelled to do something then you might as well enjoy it!

I’ll always say this to someone who grieves a lot about the fact that he cannot take coffee without sugar. I am talking about a diabetic here.

I’ll ask, “When you are sorry and sad while taking your coffee does the bitterness turn into sweetness?”

Obviously “Not

“Then why grieve over something that will only add-up your pains?” You should enjoy a situation so long as you are forced into it.

What I mean is very simple. The world is not perfect as we wish it to be. In fact, I am yet to meet the person who will say he had it all, and this happens frequently in everybody’s life.

Perhaps you propose to a girl you wish to marry but she turned you down and marries someone else. Can you tell me the solution? You and I know that it’s too late. This is spilled milk that cannot be scooped, why grieve so much over it!

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You may come across a person walking on the street alone; no-one can bear a second to speak to him because he is so frustrated he keeps repeating, “Oh! It’s so hot!”

If you are this kind of a colleague working in the same office with me, it would definitely be a trial for me to see you every day. You definitely will distract colleagues with complaints like “O man, the work is so much! Oh, when will they increase our salaries?”  If not a complaint of pains, then it’s his son’s bad behavior or something similar. He always arrives frowning and leaves resentful.

Coming to think of it, all we should realize is that there are challenges in our lives with absolutely no solutions. The only successful way to deal with them is to pause for a second, take things easy and adjust to it.

Yes, you need to enjoy life! You just have to beware of allowing your difficult situation to reflect on your behavior with your colleagues, at work, with your children etc.

What have they done to deserve such a punishment for problems that they played no part in? Share no grieves and sadness with people around you each time you are seen or remembered.

This is the main reason why the Holy Prophet of Islam (pbuh) forbade one from wailing over the dead, tearing up clothes and screaming.


Because the only way left is to deal with the dead body, that’s burial. Wailing and Screaming serves no purpose, except that it turns the joy of life into grief.

Problems with no solutions

So, be content with what has been apportioned for you. End of suffering!

If what you desire does not happen, I think there is no reason for not desiring that which does.

A lot of people think a permanent depression is a solution, or excessive complaining to everyone they meet or maybe grumbling over the situation! This doesn’t help in any way.

So what then is the solution?

If what you desire fails, then desire that which has happened.

The one who readjusts himself in accordance with his situation always is the smartest; however, it may be, seeing as he is not able to adjust it for the better.

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Listen to this story…

Once a man was supervising a charity project and during the process, funds became restricted. He then went with his team to one successful businessman to ask for a donation.

When they reached the man’s house, He received them calmly and sat with them for a while, and then gave them whatever he could.

In their presence, the man took some medicine out of his drawer to take. One of the men passed a gentle comment, “I hope everything is ok and nothing serious!

The man replied, “No. these are only sleeping pills. For about a decade now, I cannot sleep without them.”

They then prayed for him and left.

They came across a road construction work on their way home, along which was an extremely noisy electricity generators and other machines.

The strange and surprising thing though was that the man who was task with the responsibility to guard these machines was a poor worker who was comfortably lying down asleep on pieces of newspapers.

Look at this poor old man. Despite the fact that he is poor, it never stops him from enjoying what Allah has apportioned to him.

That’s it; enjoy your life because there is no time to grieve. Deal productively with what is available in front of you because it is not everything that is desired is achievable.

Not everything a man desires he achieves. Often the winds blow in unfavorable directions for the ships. Thus, look to the brighter aspects of your life before looking at the dark side and you will surely be happy.


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