Benefits of reciting Surah adh-Dhuha ( The Brightness)

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Surah adh-Dhuha is the ninety-third sura of the Qur’an with 11 ayat. The Surah takes its name Aḍ-Ḍuḥā from the very first word.

Although there is some debate amongst scholars, this sura is often considered to be the second revealed to Muhammad. After the first sura (al-Alaq) was received, there was a period of silence in which no further messages were revealed. During this time, the new Prophet wondered if he had somehow displeased God, who it seemed for a while was no longer sending down His message. This sura broke that silence and reassured Muhammad that all will be understood in time. The image of the morning (ad-Dhuha) is the first word of the sura and can be understood as symbolizing Muhammad’s “new day” as the Messenger of God, as well as the “dawn” of the new way of life that would become Islam. After this sura, the visitations of Gabriel with the words of the Qur’an would come to Muhammad regularly until his death.

Because of subject matter, length, style, and placement in the Qur’an, this sura is often coupled with Sura Al-Inshirah. They are generally considered to have been revealed around the same time.

Benefits of reciting Surah Adh-Dhuha

  • It is narrated from the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) that Allah is pleased with the person who recites this surah.
  • If recited together with the name of a person who has gone missing, he will return home safe and sound by the help of Allah.
  • Also if something is forgotten somewhere by mistake, the recitation of this surah keeps its safe until you get it back in the name of Allah.

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    Salaam. I got divorced recently. Please give me a dua to get a good husband.

    • Ali August 19, 2018 at 2:30 pm - Reply

      Plz read Sura Muzzammil 11 times daily after fajar Namaz .with intention of gettibg good husband.
      pray 2 rakat Salat hajaat namaz daily with the intention of getting good husband.
      Plz do not miss any of your fard 5 times namaz daily .
      I nsha Allah ur desire will fullfill as early as possible.

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