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Am I really a Muslim?


If you walk around on this eggshell, hesitant about your purpose of life, then I think you should read this. Or if you have the dream of becoming a better person but are consumed or blinded with the temporal pleasure of this world, you should also come along.

Allah created the universe so big that you are very small. In fact, you’re so small and so insignificant in the big picture like you never exist. The universe was created long before you were born and will probably be here long after you’re gone, and your life is but a blip on its vast.

If your life is to matter, it’s not to the universe. Neither will it add anything to Allah nor take away anything. It’s therefore up to you to make your life matter in the only way you can: by doing what you love doing in a way and manner that is pleasing to Allah, to those around you, and to your own life.

Time is shorter than you think. You have exactly now to finish the purpose of your life or to let the running passage of time brings you down to your grave with nothing but regrets.

The universe doesn’t hate you. It doesn’t care about you either. It doesn’t mind if you ever existed, and it will never care. But you know what, Allah cares. And He has always loved you. That’s why He gifted you with the greatest gift ever, that of being a Muslim.

Now everything is in your own ability!

Whatever your life will mean is up to you. This is the free will the Quran talked about. It means that man is automatically aware that he possesses freedom in his actions; he can decide as he wishes and fashions his own fate in accordance with his own will and inclinations.

Let’s stop worrying so much about what others think and start to think about why Allah gave us this freedom. Let’s start being who we are supposed to be. It’s time to think straight… That’s why you need to read this book, to know what it means to be a Muslim, and remain a Muslim.

In this short e-book, I’d like to share with you the hard truth about being a real Muslim. I hope and pray that it inspires you to begin your journey toward becoming a better and happy Muslim (or continue it with a renewed focus!), by the will and help of Allah Almighty.

But I must tell you that this decision to become a good Muslim is a goal, which I think, only 9% of people who set this goal actually achieve them. If you ever tried to fix yourself up with your Iman but failed, you’ll understand me better. Because I know you are probably familiar with the feelings of frustration and being stuck trying to achieve this awesome goal. Insha’Allah it’s possible this time if you take this book seriously.

Regardless of who you are, this book offers a practical-based introduction to becoming someone you were born to be. It will get you started, and give you the advice you can immediately put into practical use. Let’s not waste time, you can claim your copy of the book now! Just input your name and e-mail in the form below to download!


NOTE: It is important for you to know that after downloading this book, you’ll be added to many other seekers who are already benefiting a lot from this site. I pray and hope that you’ll find it useful.