Reminder benefits only those who fear Allah and remind them, for truly the believers benefit from being reminded. (Surat adh-Dhariyat, ch. 51 : vs. 55).

Reminder benefits only those who fear Allah and remind them, for truly the believers benefit from being reminded- Quran 51:56Click To Tweet

Islam is a noble religion – a religion that has asserted the message of truth and explained it for those who are willing to listen and understand. Unfortunately, today, in many quarters it remains misunderstood.

It’s misunderstood because there are those who don’t fully understand it and have misinterpreted its message and then there are others who don’t want to understand it. Yes, it pretty sound wired but that’s the truth.

Assalaamualeikum Seeker, I welcome you to this safe place where you can understand Islam!

Are you among those who misunderstood the mission of Islam? Do you want to learn more and become a better Muslim? Or you want to leave your life in a productive way without earning the wrath of Allah?

I know you do, but I bet there are also times when you feel frustrated because you try a lot to no avail.

It’s all right!

I’m Abdallah, friends also call me Abarika. I’m the Chief Editor of Seekers Elite. The key thing I’ve discovered is that everyone can learn Islam and become just like that awesome and righteous Muslims out there. It’s not a question of genetics, it’s all about practice and perseverance.

The point is that your everyday Islamic practices need to be directed in a positive way. That’s why I created Seekers Elite so that you can learn quality skills, practice them and become nothing but another productive and righteous fellow.

The vision statement is to help explore the best out of Islam.

For Muslims, I help by providing the right information that will inspire them enough to explore the best out of this religion of peace. For none Muslim, I present to them nothing but the true identity of Islam and clearing various misconceptions.

Started just a short while ago, But Seekers Elite is gaining more and more readers who really find information here useful. This is a place for the seekers who really needs Islamic guidance in life, and who wants to use this guidance to achieve the best in life.

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