Zina in Islam: What every Muslim need to know!

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Zina in Islam is truly a topic that I did not want to write about due to its severity. However, there are many people who have fallen into it and there are many who aim to fall into it. May Allah protect us from the evils of our self and give our hearts Taqwa.

I hope that this article serves as a caution for those who wish to commit Zina but also as a means of advice for those who have made a mistake and would like to move on.

“Imam Ad-Dhahabi relates that the Prophet~ said:

“Whoever touches a woman who is not lawful for him with lust, he will be resurrected with his hands shackled to his neck on the Day of Judgment.

If he kissed her, his lips will be cut off and thrown into the fire. He will then say, “What did I do?”

If he committed fornication, his thighs will say, “I was mounted for something impermissible.”

Then, Allah will look at him with such anger that the flesh on the man’s face will peel off.

Then his tongue will bear witness against him and say, “I spoke to that which was unlawful.”

Then his legs will say, “I walked towards something haram”

Then his hands will say, “I held that which was impermissible for me to hold.”

Then his eyes will testify against him, “I gazed at that which was haram for me to gaze at.”

Then his private parts will say, “I committed the act.”

zina in islam

Then one angel will say, “I heard it!” And another angel will say, “I wrote it down!” Then Allah will say, “I was aware of it but I concealed it.”

But because these people boasted about their relationship, broadcasted it to their friends, told the whole world about it and walked hand in hand with each other so that everybody knows of their sin, Allah will say to the angels:

“O, angels! Take him away and torture him! My anger has increased on the one who has no shame.”

Thus, he will be taken and thrown into the fire of Jahannam.

When a person transgresses the limits set by Allah and indulges in haram relationships, there is only humiliation for that soul.

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When two people go against the commands of Allah, they will earn themselves nothing but disgrace from their community.

And so corrupt is our society that a boy who has lost his chastity will become the “Cool Guy”.

But what about that sister? She will be labeled as “Used & Abused” and many other vile words because she fell into the trap of ‘I Love You’. – Subhanallah!

zina in islam

Dear Muslim brothers and sisters! Know, that you will be questioned about everything you do on earth. You will need to answer to Allah.

When He asks you about all those late night messages you sent. What will you say? That you were in love?

Maybe you think your partner is hot, you should also know that the fire of Jahannam is even hotter. If you are playing this dating game, you are playing with the fire of hell I think.

But never lose hope since it’s not too late for you, your Lord is the Most Merciful, the Very-Merciful. Remember Allah will restore yo ur chastity if you repent. He says,

“O son of Adam, so long as you call upon Me, and hope in Me, I shall forgive you for what you have done, and I shall not mind. O son of Adam were your sins to reach the clouds in the sky and were you to then ask forgiveness of Me, I shall forgive you. O son of Adam, were you to come to Me with a world full of sins and you were then to face Me, without having ascribed anything with Me, I shall grant you a world of pardon.” – At-Tirmidhi

There is not much to be said with regards to this, it is quite straightforward. The sin in itself is monumental.

At some point in a relationship, the topic of intimacy does come up and many Muslim youths who have promised never to let anybody touch their chastity feel that it is okay to become intimate because they have found, ‘the one’.

What if that ‘one’ was to die tomorrow? Then he would have come and gone and now you would have to look for ‘the second’.

This issue of sex before marriage is never right.

What if I have a partner but I am not sexually active? You may ask!

Many people look for loopholes in things which are deemed Haram. This usually happens when a person does not conform to what Shariah likes and what it dislikes.

There is no doubt that fornication totally forbidden. However, many continue to ask questions with regards to having close friends of the opposite gender.

The answer is quite simply, an emphatic … no.

I’m sorry if you are not pleased with this answer.

For a person to be in unnecessary, regular contact with the opposite sex is totally forbidden.

Many people claim that they just want someone to talk to and speak to in a bashful, loving manner. However, soon this will not be enough and both will want to get closer at some point.

If a person has the ‘card’ of intimacy to use, he will surely play it at some point. It is like when a person gives money to a friend to look after, very soon, the friend will have an intense desire to spend the money and try to fix things later. In the same way, if a person can become intimate with someone, sooner or later, it will happen.

Undoubtedly, there will be a time when the boy in the relationship (or vice versa) will feel sad and would want his girlfriend to hold him and console him.

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It is in these few touches that a person becomes sexually inclined to the other.

Once the ice has broken on a few things, it becomes easy to participate more.

I was once giving counseling to people of a local college; a sister who had fallen into this trap of Zina approached me, she felt extremely low and disgusted with herself. She said to me, “It started very innocently but then a touch leads to a hug and a hug leads to so much more. I could not stop crying after it happened.”

Others who I had counseled had told me, “When you first get involved with a girl, you feel really bad. But when you keep getting involved, it becomes easier to do more. Kissing becomes minor but when you, get involved in sex, you do feel really bad and dirty after the first time. It’s weird though, as at first, you feel really regretful but then soon after, it is all you can think off and you want more and more. Then after you do it two, three more times it becomes normal. You just don’t feel bad, it feels quite good.

I found this quite shocking, it is almost as if Zina has become something people do at their leisure time. Just like football and shopping, many people opt to use their free time in being sexually active in a haram way.

Zina in Islam

Zina is a Loan

Imam Muhammad ibn Idris Ash-Shafi writes in his poem,

“Be chaste and the ladies in your household will stay chaste. Refrain from that which does not suite a Muslim.

Zina is a loan – If you give it to someone, then remember it will be repaid to you from within your family.

O you who severs the dignity of noble people, and devours the paths of love and harmony, may you live void of any respect.

If you were a noble person from a respected family, you would not cause any disgrace to your fellow Muslim.

Remember! Whosoever fornicates will have to suffer the same, even if the act was to be repeated with his wall.

If you are a man of understanding then take heed!” – Alhasan Al Qasas.

This poem was mentioned during the explanation of Surah Noor.

After reciting the poetry, he explained that there was a businessman who came home from his hop and his wife began nagging him.

She kept asking him, “Have you done something wrong today?” To which he kept on responding with, “No!”

The woman would not take his word for it and be adamant that he did do something wrong. Eventually, the businessman gave into his wife’s demands and told her that a beautiful lady had come to his shop and that a state of lust had overcome him. While he was showing her products, he patted her bottom.

Upon this, the wife responded, “That is why the same thing happened here today! The water carrier who brings water to our house came today and prior to this day, he had never committed any indecency towards me but today, he had patted my bottom as well. So I immediately thought that you must have done something over there (in the shop). I got a pat because you gave a pat there, and if you had increased over there, then the water carrier would have increased over here as well.”

So this is the effect of Zina, many young men go out with the intention to commit fornication with young girls and play with their hearts. However, these very same people are then heavily protective of their younger sisters so that they may not fornicate!

Thereafter, the young girl fornicates with a boy who is just like her brother (in mannerism) and thus the loan of Zina has been repaid in his very own household.

May Allah ~ save us all from Zina and protect our families from it also. Amin.

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