In one of my previous posts, I discussed into considerable detailed concerning the relationships between the Prophets of the various religions, whether or not they were all sent by one God. I clearly prove with enough proofs that yeah, they were indeed sent by one God.

But coming to think of it while looking at how the truth is laid, we could see that our minds gives birth to more questions, one of which I would address in this post.

The question is simple as well as the answer. If these Teachers were all from one God, then why on earth did their teachings differ so much from another? Why would God teach different things at different times when the same thing can be passed on? Even the ordinary mortals try as much as possible to be consistent and teach the same thing at different times.

The reply to this is very simple. You know, when conditions does not change, it would be unreasonable to issue different directions. But when conditions keep changing, the variation of teaching is of the essence of wisdom.

Let’s look at the time of the first Prophet (Adam), it seems all human beings lived together in one part of the world, and definitely one teaching, was therefore enough for them. Possibly even up to the time of the # prophet (Noah), they continued to live in this same way.

The bible states that, human tribes continued to live together in one part of the world up to the time of Babylonian’s. I am not saying the Bible is a book of history, no. But there is evidence which supports the Biblical account.

Among all the various nations of the world, and even among savages living on lonely islands, we discover traces of the story of Noah’s Flood. It seems unlikely that the whole world was first buried in a universal deluge of which the knowledge spread in all parts of the world. But it seems more likely that in one part of the world there was a deluge which caused the dispersion of the population in different directions.

If it is not proved that the world was one until the time of Babylonian’s, history lends support to believe that it was one up to the time of Noah. After Noah’s time the population scattered into different parts of the world.

As a result of this scatter, the influence of Noah’s teaching began to decline as means of communication were so poor. A Teacher in one part of the world could not effectively communicate his Message to the other parts. It was therefore, appropriate that God should sent a Teacher (Prophet) to each country, to ensure that no country should be without His guidance. Basically, this called for the division between the various religions. As human ability to understanding lacked the development to which they were to gain later, every country had a revelation that corresponds to the level of development to which it can understand.