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A good Muslim call to righteousness

One of the best of Muslims are those who call others towards Islam, and you know there are several ways towards calling people towards Islam, you can invite them verbally and you can also do it Just through our character and conduct.

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If one person were to accept the Deen through an effort of yours by the will of Allah, automatically you will achieve a lot. Because every Salaat they read, you have a reward. But the difficulty is that some people believe you should not be kind to non-Muslims, you should look at them with dirty eyes. Astaghfirullah! That is not Islam. Infect Islam is the opposite where you need to treat every non-Muslim as a potential Muslim; they will be, if only we lead our lives properly.

But we lie, we cheat we swear and deceive, we are unfaithful. What else, we fight each other, we are disunited. We oppress our women sometimes in the name of Islam and we say this is religion. We don’t want to greet one another as Muslims. What are we showing to the non-Muslims? May Allah forgive us!

It’s about time we educate ourselves regarding Islam. Feel the hope in the mercy of Allah. He is all merciful. Allah loves you. He wants to forgive you. He is looking for any chance to forgive you and I’ll only come from you, He wants to give you paradise. Turn to Him.

So the question is, who do you want to remind you to be a good Muslim? Today, it’s just a few buttons away. Whoever that sheik is who is appealing to you, say their name, Google them, and they will give you the same reminder. Exactly the same reminder!

Don’t just listen and say a scholar is a powerful speaker without letting them change your life. If your life fails to change then that wasn’t so powerful enough.

Life is not all about entertainment and enjoying yourself beyond limits, no. It is limited. You should know how to enjoy yourself. You should know what it is that will help you in this world to lead a peaceful life and in the life after here.

It’s amazing how we read the Quran again and again and haven’t even change. Everyone says that Sheik has beautiful recitation, I enjoy this recitation. But my brothers and sisters, Islam is not just about enjoying recitations, do something about it. Change your life by it. It’s not just about saying this and that, our men are doing this and our women are doing that. It’s not just about talking about things, change your life first to start with and the rest of the world will change Insha-Allah.

The message is loud and clear. No one is against anything that Allah has ordained, but when you do things, do them properly. Do them thoroughly. Do not do them in a way that when the non-Muslims or other Muslims see they will say we are making a mockery of Islam. So the laws of Islam are in place. It’s the way we do it sometimes that really becomes such that we become a laughing stock. May Allah protect us.

Let us all try to be better people than we are. Let us all promise Allah that we will become better than we are. I promise and pray to Allah to help me to become better today than I was yesterday. And help me to be better tomorrow than I am today. Do you share that promise with me?

Insha Allah, we should all promise to become better people and work very hard. Do not forget it because as I say, you may never be able to attain such a convention again. Who knows, your life might come to an end right now, in a few minutes. Mine might come to an end, who knows. But for as long as we are dedicated towards this betterment by the will of Allah, and earning the pleasure of Allah by getting closer to him as days pass. I guarantee you by the will of Allah, you will never regret.

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  1. Ruzimurod August 23, 2018 at 6:51 pm - Reply

    I learn a lot thing about muslims rules and a lot complained of other sisters And this is why people who reverted to Islam after a long time sometimes find it difficult.

    • Seekers Elite August 25, 2018 at 3:37 am - Reply

      Everything at the start always seems difficult and will definitely become easy and understandable with time. All new Muslims just need the patience to deal with their newly found faith. May Allah make it easy for everybody.

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