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A good Muslim strives to understand what is wrong and what is right through authentic sources

Like I said, when we talk about being a good Muslim, there are so many things that come to mind. The verses of the Quran are full of guidance but we haven’t read the Quran and we haven’t gone through the Sunnah of Mohammad (saw).

A good Muslim strives to understand what is wrong and what is right through authentic sources. - Mufti Menk -Click To Tweet

Look at The life of the Holy Prophet (SAW), he was the best and a shining example. We always talk about him all the time and we will like to emulate his lifestyle. He gave so much importance to people; He helped those who were his enemies as well. And he made sure that he greeted people, in fact, Allah tells him to go out and greet the poor.

Allah said when the believers come towards you, tell them Asalaamu-Alaikum. Allah is instructing the prophet to give greater importance to those who are seemingly down.

A good Muslim will spend a moment to even those who are poor. A good Muslim is he who gives importance to children, knowing that the future lies in their hands. A good Muslim is he who has understood the position of the sisters and will never abuse the respect of a sister.

The world out there teaches you that a woman is just an object of sexual amusement. Believe me; they can say what they want. People say Muslims women are being forced to what they are wearing. But the reality is that the non-Muslim women are rather forced to wear what they are wearing.


Well, it’s a different way of forcing. It’s just a more intellectual smart way of forcing. You see a sister or someone perhaps at the different part of the world, wearing hills that are this high and they become higher that they cannot walk.

Look at how hard it’s becoming. she’s struggling but because the television has brainwashed her, society has conned her, the movies have really knocked her brain out, the big brother and reality show has really taught her something and make her believe it’s her freedom.

She’s suffering in those shoes but she will not leave her house without them. You can’t even believe the miniskirt she’s struggling with. She’s doing all these because she’s on with the television every day.

Now looking at this, who’s being forced?

When she goes out there, she’ll look at the righteous women and said they are being forced, meanwhile, you are rather forced and compelled to do what you are doing, but in a smart way.

So, sisters, it’s just the matter of understanding Islam. It teaches you to be a pure person, that’s it. You do not want to be controlled by the male-dominated environment around you because you are good Muslim.

You know, one of the sisters in the United States introduced something known as world hijab day. And to be honest with you, the success of it has been such that people who have not worn hijab and even the non-Muslims, they have a day in February when they adorn the hijab, Subhanallah.

They put on something in solidarity with those who are in hijab. They’ll tell you that the comfort we feel, the goodness and the respect we get is amazing. We are not judged by the hair we have, the type of shape we have and so on.

When a person is in love with your heart and your character and conduct, and your closeness to the Almighty, their love will only increase as the days pass because your faith will increase as you grow older Insha-Allah.

This is a beautiful way of life that we have in Islam, if we are to adopt it, we will surely taste the fruits of it.

The non-Muslims are beginning to admit that they are finding the pressure of society a little bit too much. I have had a lot of discussions with a lot of non-Muslims who admit this.

But worst and all that is the one who calls himself/herself a Muslim. And we said we are ambassadors of Mohammad. If they ask you what’s your name? You’ll mention Khadija, and Khadija was a name of the first wife of Rasulullah.  But the way you operate in life is worse sometimes than all the others put together, and we are supposed to be the ambassadors of this Deen, is that fair? I think we can do better.

My brothers and sisters, I can do better and so can you. And this is why a winner is the one who is inching closer to Allah each day. Some might be able to leap a little bit more quickly, but others, as long as you are inching closer, you are becoming better and better. You are learning more, putting it into practice and trying to teach others. You are in the right direction.

Nobody can be better than the one who ever has dedicated some time to learn what their creator has revealed, putting it into practice and conveying it to others.

This life is so short, and the purpose of it is to prepare for the eternal life. That’s what we Muslims believe. And for your information, the Jews and Christians believe something quite similar to that. They will tell you to prepare for the eternal life. May Allah grant us good preparation!

So if we lose focus even for a moment, we will be at a lost. And the one who constantly reminds us our purpose of life, don’t you think that person is adorable?

Allah mentioned at the end of Surah al-Furqan:

And those who when they are reminded of the Ayat of their Lord, fall not deaf and blind thereat. (Quran 25:73)

Those will be rewarded with the highest place because of their patience. Therein they shall be met with greetings and the word of peace and respect.

 Abiding therein — excellent it is as an abode, and as a place to rest in. 

Say: “My Lord pays attention to you only because of your invocation to Him…”

(Quran 25:77)

You leave your life in a beautiful way, and you will die in a beautiful way, and you are hoping for Allah to grant you from his mercy a beautiful abode. Allahu-Akbar! None of us should lose hope in the Mercy of Allah. A good Muslim always knows that Allah is most merciful. A good Muslim Always knows that no matter what I have done, I can turn my life right now, I seek forgiveness to Allah I repent to him directly, I do not need to confess my sin to anyone but my own maker. I seek forgiveness from none but my own maker. And Allah will forgive you.

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  1. Ruzimurod August 23, 2018 at 6:51 pm - Reply

    I learn a lot thing about muslims rules and a lot complained of other sisters And this is why people who reverted to Islam after a long time sometimes find it difficult.

    • Seekers Elite August 25, 2018 at 3:37 am - Reply

      Everything at the start always seems difficult and will definitely become easy and understandable with time. All new Muslims just need the patience to deal with their newly found faith. May Allah make it easy for everybody.

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