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A good Muslim is always conscious of these three questions

Who you are, your purpose of life, and your destination!

I ask at the beginning of this section. Where was I prior to my birth?

The only way I will know the answer to that is by referring to revelation. Go back to Allah because nobody else has the answer. Science cannot help you. Medicine cannot help you. Those with PhDs cannot help you. The most educated person on the globe cannot help you. The machinery and technology we have will not help you. Nothing will help you. But revelations will help you answer the questions.

Where were you, before you were born?

Where we are now, perhaps we might be able to get a little bit of information, you know we can feel, if I were to pinch my chick I will actually be able to feel it and I will release it with a little pink mark. May Allan protect us!

No matter what type of beautiful health I have, what type of good looks one may have, what type of wealth one may have, we are all heading in one direction.

And remember that the more conscious I am of the fact that my time is running out, the better a Muslim I can be.

If we can all think in this way, Insha-Allah we will be able to prepare by making the most of the time we have.

You know what worries me? People are more into sports more than ever.

Let’s talk about football. If you have 90 minutes as a football player, you have to be the best footballer possible by trying to score as many goals as you can. Right or wrong?

Well, life is the same. or similar. where you have 90 years max for example, maybe less, the average a’maar between 50 and 70, according to the narrations of Rasulullah, so if for example, you have X amount of time, how many goals can you pack away, that’s what you need to think about.

Every Salaat is a goal. Every zakat is a goal. Every good deed is a goal. Every bad deed is an own goal. Are you foolish to go back to your own net? Remember your opponent (in this case Satan) will say yeah, and it was you, May Allah protects us.

So this is why sometimes Allah gives us an extra time to score more goals. Extra time in football becomes more exciting and this is why every one of us if Allah has given us our age and we become older, we can, therefire, be more prepared than he who dies suddenly at an early age. This is a gift from Allah.

So sad that we understand how football works but we don’t understand how life itself works.

There is a final whistle that shall be blown. It is called the trumpet. Allahu Akbar.

The Prophet (PBUH) has said, the Angel who has been tasked with blowing the trumpet has already got that trumpet and has almost prepared to blow into it. He’s holding it and is already taking a breath required to blow into it. This is an amazing description.

How many good deeds can I pack away today before the end of today?

Will I read my Salaat, will I do it so happily, will I be truthful, will I help others, will I assist people, will contribute towards the good of society? Will I help prepare the generation to come so that they can lead a better life? am I going to be a person who is just sitting enjoying myself with entertainment?

My brothers and sisters that is not what life is. If you are a good Muslim how can you reduce your life to entertainment alone? Yes, you may want to enjoy yourself within the limit once in a while. You should spend time with your family, but you need to know the greatest enjoyment is achieved by obeying the instructions of your maker. He tells you, to eat that which is pure and good, he tells you to earn in a beautiful way if you are a good Muslim. He tells you to spend time with your family members.

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  1. Ruzimurod August 23, 2018 at 6:51 pm - Reply

    I learn a lot thing about muslims rules and a lot complained of other sisters And this is why people who reverted to Islam after a long time sometimes find it difficult.

    • Seekers Elite August 25, 2018 at 3:37 am - Reply

      Everything at the start always seems difficult and will definitely become easy and understandable with time. All new Muslims just need the patience to deal with their newly found faith. May Allah make it easy for everybody.

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