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Good Muslims never harm others and always conscious of their Maker

We do not harm the creatures of Allah Almighty. In fact, so much so that we should be the last people to even think about damaging the ecosystem because we are good Muslims.

My brothers and sisters, the excitement that one will have to meet his own maker, reminds me of the verse of Allah (Quran verse)

يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا اتَّقُوا اللَّهَ حَقَّ تُقَاتِهِ وَلَا تَمُوتُنَّ إِلَّا وَأَنتُم مُّسْلِمُونَ – (Quran 3:102)

O you who have believed, fear Allah as He should be feared and do not die except as Muslims [in submission to Him].

When we say the term taqwa, I know you will translate it as fear of Allah. Some have a broader meaning. It is a combination, and it is more of consciousness of Allah. And if you are conscious of your maker and you are conscious of the fact that you are going to return to him, everything you do in your life will be a preparation towards that day.

Allah says: and do not die except in the condition of submission.

Now, what does that mean? Do not die except in the condition of submission.

It means to lead your life in such a way that you know death can overtake you at any time. If it were to overtake you right now, would you be among those who are submitters unto their own creator? If your answer is yes, then you are very fortunate.

Like I said yesterday, we have profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and WhatsApp and so on. Ask yourself: “will i like to die with that profile on?

If you were to die today, and people saw your profile with your messages and all the status’ that you put up, and the pictures that you shared and whatever else you had there, would you really be proud of yourself having it there?

That’s a very powerful question. Because today we have social media and you find people choose the worst to put up on that.

Sometimes they share things that are so embarrassing that if they were to die; their close relatives will have to hide or will have to find ways of how to close that account in a way that nobody on the globe can see it. Because people will say, the last picture this brother or sister put on his status was something that was not befitting a Muslim.

So, my brothers and sister, it is an open call. If you are a good Muslim, make sure you portray yourself as a good Muslim. Leave that which is not befitting a Muslim.

Someone might say “I’m just showing people”.

A good Muslim is a good role Module

You are not showing people. It’s for the sake of Allah. And Allah said when you set a good example, you will receive the reward of all those who followed that example, and every single one who has learned from that example.

So my brothers and sisters, when you controlled yourself or when you discipline yourself to the degree that people learn from you and the discipline you have, you are automatically receiving a great reward, you are contributing towards the goodness of the Ummah. And you are a person who definitely can be considered as one who is trying to be a good Muslim.

Because if we were to set up bad Example, and if we were to be people who others have followed and that has led them to distraction, then we will definitely be a great loss and good people never lose. We cannot call ourselves good peoples if we cannot be good role modules.

This is why when a sin is committed to private; there is a greater chance of the mercy of Allah than when a sin is committed openly. So much so that the Prophet (PBUH) has told us that people will continue to have that flicker of goodness as they do not openly transgress.

Like today when you can find people doing something very bad and when you were to tell them, my son, it’s not a good idea to do it so publicly and so boldly, they’ll tell you: “Who are you? Even my father doesn’t tell me that”. Well, then I need to talk to your father. (Allahu Akbar)

My brothers and sisters, if this is going to be our attitude can we call ourselves good Muslims? May Allah protect us!

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  1. Ruzimurod August 23, 2018 at 6:51 pm - Reply

    I learn a lot thing about muslims rules and a lot complained of other sisters And this is why people who reverted to Islam after a long time sometimes find it difficult.

    • Seekers Elite August 25, 2018 at 3:37 am - Reply

      Everything at the start always seems difficult and will definitely become easy and understandable with time. All new Muslims just need the patience to deal with their newly found faith. May Allah make it easy for everybody.

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