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Today if I were to tell you the differences between the one who made and the one who invented. Remember there is a difference between Allah, when he creates and when other people invent.

Allah creates from nothing. He just said Kun and it is done. When we read from the Holy Quran, Allah said:

إِنَّمَا أَمْرُهُ إِذَا أَرَادَ شَيْئًا أَن يَقُولَ لَهُ كُن فَيَكُونُ – (Quran,36:82).

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This is a beautiful verse of Sura Yasin where Allah explains that when He (Allah) wants something he just says, Kun. Which means ‘be’ and it is. By the will of Allah, that is a creation from nothing.

But the invention of man is such that it is just the transformation of the creation of Allah from one form to another.

So when a person says I created a motor vehicle, it is not creation, it is invention in the scene that he took the different creature of Allah (SWT) and perhaps, applies his knowledge given to him by Allah, and then came up with something that will be able to benefit man in a specific way.

This doesn’t mean it is created but it means it is invented.

So, if I were to tell you that the inventor of a motor vehicle is coming to visit us here. Or one of the gadgets we have in our hands, like the mobile and so on. People will be very excited to see this person.

A good Muslim does everything with good Intention

One night ago I had a walk on the other side and I see the excitement of the people. And I remind you, my brothers and sisters, I am a mere mortal, someone whose value is completely nil.  Has it not been for the deen of Islam, had it not been for trying to please Allah (SWT), we would not even be knowing one another. Have you realized that? And there will come a time when no one will know me and nobody will know you. May Allah (SWT) safeguard us.

So, whilst we become happy to meet one another. Let’s clear our intentions that we are meeting each other solely for the sake of Allah (SWT). So that it can draw us closer to Allah(SWT). Not just that I can say I met this person. If I relate it to Allah, I am a good Muslim. Maasha Allah.

I realize that the Islam I have is something broader than the mere meeting with the smile of someone, although that too is part of Islam.

If I were to great you with a smile and make you feel the warmth of my heart and you make me feel the warmth of your heart as Muslims and part of one big family, in that particular case we are at the beginning, the first few steps of being a Muslim. But if we put Allah out of that equation, we’ve lost everything.

Always remember your maker. We will get excited if someone important were to come here, but imagine meeting your own maker. If someone says come we’ve got to go and meet our maker, the one who made us. Allahu Akbar! That can only happen in Jannah.

Good Muslims repent to Allah each day

So how many of us are preparing to go into paradise. One of the cheapest ways to go into paradise is to seek forgiveness from Allah. Repent and Return to Allah. We ask Allah to forgive our sins.

Allah’s forgiveness will elevate our status as people as time passes.

Once I met a young man who told me to give him some advice. And I said to him to constantly ask Allah’s forgiveness. He said but what if I did nothing wrong. Then I had to explain to him that istighfar and repentance is something whether you know you’ve done something wrong or not, you continue seeking the forgiveness of Allah, for anything and everything.

repentance without sin

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When you constantly ask Allah’s forgiveness, your status will be elevated, you’ll become conscious of Allah.  Once all your sins are wipe out, it will benefit you in your grave. This is why our beloved Mohammad (PBUH) as perfect as he was, still use to engage in repentance 100 times a day approximately.

Who are we? We are not messengers, we are not perfect. Why is it that we find ourselves by calling ourselves good Muslim? Meanwhile, we haven’t yet asked Allah’s forgiveness. A week has passed, sometimes more than that has passed and we haven’t even thought about it. So, my brothers and sisters, it’s extremely important for every one of us to constantly ask Allah’s forgiveness so that we can be considered good Muslims. We ask Allah’s forgiveness.

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