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“Who is a good Muslim” is a very beautiful and powerful lecture by Shaik Mufti Menk. It’s very inspiring and refreshing. Here, you can watch the video if you like, and you can also read the text which I have transcribed for seekers to benefit Insha-Allah.

Please note that this video is transcribed with a trifle modifications to make it easy for perusal Insha-Allah!

Bismillahirahmannirraheem. Alhamdulillah Hirabbil Aalameen. Wa salaatu wa salaamu Alal mab-uuti Rahmata lil aalameen. Nabiiyinaa Mohammadan wa alaa aalihi wa suhabihi ajma’een.

Brothers and sisters, we commence by praising Allah (SWT), sending blessings and salutations upon Mohammad (SAW), his entire household, all His companions, may Allah bless them all and bless every single one of us.

May he keep us steadfast! May he grant us the power to become better people as the days pass! And may he grant us the ability to fulfill the commands that he has prescribed for us.

And may he grant us the ability to abstain from the prohibitions that he has made clear. And may Allah (SWT) grant us the power to turn to him at all times in repentance, AAMEN.

We have a topic that is very broad, it can be discussed from more than a thousand angles.

Who is a Muslim? And who is a good Muslim?

The reality with this would govern the entire life that we leave, from point A right to Z.  May Allah (SWT) grant us goodness and may he make us more conscious of who we are.

The first question I need to ask myself is where was I before I was born? Then I need to ask myself where am I right now, and how long will I be here? And then I need to ask myself, where am I going to go after my heart stops beating, when this body of mine is separated from the soul?

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3 things every Muslim should know! Who you are, Your purpose of life And your destination.

Every one of us should be bothered by the answers and we should not rest until we are satisfied with the answers.

We will have to go to the creator and maker. Because lost are those who believe that we all just came into existence coincidentally. That is definitely very foolish. May Allah protect us!

A growing number of people feel that we are here in this world and we are just here coincidentally. We need to enjoy as much as we can and we need to reduce this beautiful life to a little period of entertainment. And once we enjoy ourselves either with whatever makes us feel good, then when we die, we just disappear into thin air.

Sadly, this is growing to a certain extent! But I’ll like to give you a good news that there is a revival of religion and faith, more so that of Islam. May Allah (SWT) strengthen us!

My brothers and sisters, today the globe promotes entertainment as being the reason that you were brought to this world.

So people every Saturday night, they are gone for dance, they are gone to the clubs, every other evening they are on weed and perhaps they might be smoking all sort of items, maybe Marawana and so forth. And they might sound like, “it makes me feel good man, there’s nothing wrong with it”.  That’s what they say.

But Allah (SWT) has indeed shown us the path. That in this world we will enjoy, and we will only enjoy the most when we discipline ourselves to the laws of the maker.

So when Allah has dedicated laws of marriage, for example, they are there in order for me and you to lead a much more blessed life, full of purity.

When a person suffers anxiety, or sometimes when they have engaged in lots of sin, they begin to suffer anxiety. And they have a bad relationship with their own family members, with their spouse, with their children perhaps with others, because they have been engaging in sin and they have wasted their time in this life.

When a person is on his or her deathbed, what happens? The person begins to think, where am I going? And everyone will say you will be okay, everything will be fine. Meanwhile, this person is sitting on the deathbed. May Allah grant cure to those who are sick and ill.

But ultimately, we all have to go. It is pointless at the last moment, worrying about where am I going to go unless it is prior to the point of harhara. Allah accepts the repentance of a slave for as long as they have not got to the point of harhara.

And harhara for your information is the final point as the soul is leaving the body. So prior to this point, Allah accepts your tawbah.

And what is the meaning of tawbah? It means repentance.

You can just say I admit my fault, I seek your forgiveness, I repent to you and I will not do it again forgive. I am at your mercy, O Allah.Click To Tweet

This is known as Tawbah. When you repent to Allah, turn back to Allah, change your way and habits in order to become a better person so that you can lead a beautiful life in this world, full of discipline and at the same time, when you are dying, you are dying in a way that you’re looking forward meeting with the one who made you.

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  1. Ruzimurod August 23, 2018 at 6:51 pm - Reply

    I learn a lot thing about muslims rules and a lot complained of other sisters And this is why people who reverted to Islam after a long time sometimes find it difficult.

    • Seekers Elite August 25, 2018 at 3:37 am - Reply

      Everything at the start always seems difficult and will definitely become easy and understandable with time. All new Muslims just need the patience to deal with their newly found faith. May Allah make it easy for everybody.

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