Big NO to sex education in Islam! Do this instead

sex education in islam

sex education in Islam!

It is obvious that Islam discourages sex before marriage at every turn. So teaching sex education in Islam, and to your child means you are encouraging what has been discouraged by Allah. Sex education is a serious temptation that Satan uses to defeat most of the Kaafiruun.

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So instead of preparing your children for sex, prepare them to practice self-control and obedience towards Allah, those are the fundamental qualities that parents should build into their children. This will not only prepare them for a sound marriage in the near future but will also make a great deal in preparing them to become better Muslims.

Don’t learn to be a better a parent from sources that aren’t Islamic. There are lots of Islamic books that will teach exactly how to raise your children to become righteous and great people. Check out some of them here.

May Allah grant us the wisdom and patience to raise successful children who will one day become great people.

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