Why does God (Allah) allow suffering?

Indeed God is all-powerful and He is able to do all things. This has been mentioned numerous times in the Holy Book of Islam (Quran). But then the question comes why does Allah allow suffering in this world? We find sicknesses, accidents, old age, and deaths. We see lots of things that are ugly, people who are insane and foolish. There are earthquakes, drought, floods, storms, and famine. We also see people commit sins, show disloyalty, unfaithfulness, and insincerity. When we look at the [...]

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Punishment for not lowering your gaze

In today’s time and age, due to the shamelessness and immodesty, which has spread through pornography, television, videos, internet, cell phones, cinema, novels, etc., so many people's lives have been destroyed. The young ones have ruined their youth in illicit sexual intercourse and masturbation. Life-long marriages have been broken, caused by unlawful love affairs. On a social level, society is plagued with problems such as rape, prostitution, child molestation and paedophile, homosexuality, AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. The question arises as to what [...]

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How to Lower your Gaze | How to stop looking at women lustfully

So you want to Lower your Gaze? These are some very important guidelines for protecting one's gaze. I will present them here. Do try and read them once daily with the intention of reformation. The harms of evil glances are so numerous that sometimes one's faith and worldly life are both destroyed. The evil effects of this spiritual disease are spreading rapidly nowadays. Accordingly, it seems appropriate to mention the cure and remedy to all the harms which come with it. Consequently, one can protect one's [...]

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problems with no solutions? Just focus on Allah, you’ll be happy!

I am just wondering if you ever had the feeling that life isn’t good, really bad that you wish you were in another condition. Do you think that life seems to make everything difficult for you, work boring, life sucks, everything seems to go wrong? It is even better if you know that someday you’ll get to the end of your problems. What about if there isn’t just any solution for you to lay your hopes on? That’s exactly a problem with no solution. [...]

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9 Benefits of reciting Surah al-Mu’min (The Believer)

Surah al-Mu’min (The Believer) is a ‘makki’ surah and it has 85 Aayaats. When a person recites this surah then the souls of all the Prophet (a.s.), the truthful people and the believers send salutations to him and pray for his forgiveness. Whoever recites this surah once in every three days, his sins will be forgiven and he will become a God-fearing person. See also: Benefits of reciting Surah Rahman Benefits of reciting Surah Yasin Benefits of reciting Surah Jinn When a person recites [...]

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10+ Common Signs of weak Iman

The phenomenon of weak Iman has become very widespread among Muslims, and many people complain about the hardness of their hearts. So often we hear words like, I feel the hardness in my heart, I do not find any joy in worship, Reading Quran does not move me, and I fall into sin so easily. The effects of this affliction can be seen in many people and this problem is the cause of every disaster and adversity, as mentioned in the Glorious Quran: He [...]

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Benefits of reciting Surah al-Ahqaf (The Sandhills)

Surah al-Ahqaf (Arabic: سورة الأحقاف‎, "The winding sand tracts") is the 46th sura of the Qur'an with 35 ayat. This is the seventh and last Surah of the Ha Mim series. Abdullah Yusuf Ali, an Indian Islamic scholar" introduces the surah as "All Creation has a purpose behind it: Truth and Revelation will be vindicated, and those who question it will be undone by the very means by which they set such sore: the righteous should wait in patience and constancy". Benefits of reciting Surah al-Ahqaf It is narrated from the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) that [...]

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10 dangers of lust in Islam

So you wonder whether there is a problem with lust in Islam! Well, don't get me wrong. It is Allah who created lust, and He created it for a reason. Using your lust to disobey Allah is a great offense that comes with a great torment. So what you are about to read are the dangers of lust that will let you disobey what Allah has ordained. The blessed heart does not find true pleasure or happiness in anything besides the love of Allah [...]

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