Hadith about Ramadan and Fasting (Ramadan quotes in English)

Assalaamualeikum fellow Muslims. Today I just want to publish this post on some of the beautiful hadiths and quotes by our beloved Prophet(ﷺ). So if you want some short Ramadan quotes in English, you can count on these hadiths too. I hope and pray that you find it useful Insha'Allah. Prophet Muhammad(ﷺ): If one does not give up speaking falsehood and acting by it, Allah does not require him to give up eating and drinking (Al-Bukhari). Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ): One who while fasting does [...]

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Ramadan Checklist: Preparing for Ramadhan

When starting on a journey, most people like to have a list of items that they will need. Before departure, they make sure they have all the items. That is to ensure they do not spoil their trip by forgetting something, or not being well equipped for the trip. A journey is usually exciting, and travelers like to make the most of the opportunity to enjoy themselves. Ramadan is a spiritual journey for the believer. For the whole month, he travels to get nearer [...]

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Warning for those who intentionally ignore fasting in Ramadan

Allah the Almighty has constructed the universe upon a certain balance and has likewise ordered this balance upon humanity. The great religion of Islam offers perfect guidance for every branch of our lives. It offers a program of action for everything that it prescribes. The primary objectives of Salah, Zakah, and Fasting are to bring us closer to Allah and inculcate Taqwa (piety and self-restraint) within us. But the fact is that when Islam is taken as a unitary whole and its entire program [...]

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Some desirable good deeds to practice in Ramadan

The entire month of Ramadan is a season of virtues, worship, and obedience to Allah. We are encouraged to do good deeds frequently and with full preparation in this month. Therefore, we have to strive hard in the days and nights of Ramadan to follow the practice of the Prophet (ﷺ), to seek the Pleasure of Allah, and to attain the benefits of fasting during Ramadan. Benevolence and Generosity Spending out charity is recommended during all time, but it is particularly emphasized during the [...]

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Ramadan Rules: Don’t fast if you are pregnant/breastfeeding, traveling, or sick!

Everything in Islam is made very easy for us. Allah does not burden anyone with something which he or she cannot bear. We all are aware that at some point in time, it’ll be difficult to fast due to one or two reasons. But to be precise, what circumstances? Well, that’s the main objective of this article. I just want us to discuss some of the factors that necessitate the fasting individual to break the fast or not to fast at all. A traveller [...]

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Ramadan Rules: Things that breaks/invalidate/nullify/spoil your fasting

Things which invalidate fast are of two kinds. The first one requires making up only the missed days without penalty (Qada). And the second one requires making up the missed days plus a penalty (Kaffarah). Insha’Allah, today we are going to identify the various actions that invalidate a person’s fast under the two categories. Actions which Nullify the Fast with Atonement (Qada) Deliberate vomiting This is indicated in the saying of the Prophet (ﷺ) when he said: “Whoever has an attack of vomiting while [...]

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Benefits of Fasting in the month of Ramadan

I think every Muslim knows Islam is built on five pillars. And that each one of them represents a unique institution, through which the believer builds his relationship with Allah. You also need to know that of all the pillars of Islam, none is more special than Siyam (fasting). While there may be an appearance of Riya (show-off) in all other pillars (like Salaat, Zakat, Hajj and even Shahadah), there is no such possibility in fasting. The only one who knows that you are really [...]

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Why do Muslims fast in the month of Ramadan?

There are many reasons why people do fast, depending upon the social, cultural, religious, and economic understanding of the people. Some of the reasons can be: to lose weight, to lower blood pressure, to cut down on smoking, to digest food better, to learn better eating habits, to share with the hungry, to call attention to political or social issues and so on. However, Muslims fast as a religious obligation upon them, so as to gain the pleasure of Allah the Highest and to [...]

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