Warning for those who intentionally ignore fasting in Ramadan

Allah the Almighty has constructed the universe upon a certain balance and has likewise ordered this balance upon humanity. The great religion of Islam offers perfect guidance for every branch of our lives. It offers a program of action for everything that it prescribes. The primary objectives of Salah, Zakah, [...]

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Ramadan Rules: Don’t fast if you are pregnant/breastfeeding, traveling, or sick!

Everything in Islam is made very easy for us. Allah does not burden anyone with something which he or she cannot bear. We all are aware that at some point in time, it’ll be difficult to fast due to one or two reasons. But to be precise, what circumstances? Well, [...]

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Ramadan Rules: Things that breaks/invalidate/nullify/spoil your fasting

Things which invalidate fast are of two kinds. The first one requires making up only the missed days without penalty (Qada). And the second one requires making up the missed days plus a penalty (Kaffarah). Insha’Allah, today we are going to identify the various actions that invalidate a person’s fast [...]

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