For single Muslim girls: 10 Men you should not marry!

For the well-grounded ladies in Islam, I present to you something of great importance. 10 men you should never marry. Are you one of the single Muslim girls? I mean the righteous Muslimah! Note: If you are a man reading this, it is better for you as you'll get to know the important qualities of a good man. It can land you a good wife Insha-Allah. Well, I’m not being fanatic, the sanctity and status of marriage in Islam is so great, especially among [...]

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Quran Verse or Dua to Remove Fear

Anyone who is terrified of his enemy or fears the approach of a calamity should recite the verse bellow excessively. His fears will disappear Insha-Allah and any possible calamity will be averted with Allah’s Help.  فَاللَّهُ خَيْرٌ حَافِظًا ۖ وَهُوَ أَرْحَمُ الرَّاحِمِينَ - 12:64 "... But Allah is the best guardian, and He is the most merciful of the merciful." Read Also: How to overcome any sin How to increase your Iman How to become a happy Muslim

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How to perform ghusl steps (Islamic Shower – janabat)

So you want to learn how to perform ghusl? Purity as a word is very pleasing to the human ear, and a quality which everyone wishes to have. And we Muslims are privileged to have Islam which in every aspect purifies us (Maasha-Allah). Ritual purity is a prerequisite to Salaat and other acts of worships; this comprises either ablution (wudu) for minor impurity or ceremonial bath (ghusl) for major impurity. If a Muslim purifies himself in line with Allah’s commandments and the Prophet’s instructions, his [...]

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Things Muslims should know – Who you are, your purpose of life & your destination

Perhaps the things you should know as a Muslim is what it really means to know. Most of the time, we are always ardent to only know about things. We want information, the insights, and all the facts, believing this will give us enough understanding that will set us free from ignorance. But one thing is for sure, we fail to see that even if we secure all the information on earth, it’s possible we still may not know anything (May Allah forbid.) Truthful knowledge of [...]

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45 examples of Riya (show-off) in Islam Muslims should avoid

What is Riya (show-off) in Islam? “Riya means to perform worship with any intention other than the pleasure of Allah Almighty. That’s with the intention of informing others about it to gain something, to be praised, to be considered pious or treated with respect. Just for the temporary pleasure of being praised, admired and considered pious by others, many people fall into the pit of Riya (show-off). They fail to realize how much Allah Almighty would be displeased with them. For sure, as the [...]

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How to remove doubts about your faith in Islam

And as for those in whose hearts is a disease, it (signs of Allah) adds uncleanness to their uncleanness (disease of doubts) and they die while they are unbelievers. (Surah Tawbah 9:125.) The world is getting bigger each day. Shadows of doubt continue to fall on the long cherished fact that Islam is the only way. How many times do you want to question the existence of Allah? Or questioned whether the Quran is really God’s Word? What about your own faith in Allah? Have [...]

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Quran Proofs (FALSIFICATION TEST) by Dr Zakir Naik

Many people came up with new theories but the scientific community does not even bother to listen to them. Scientists have a reason for doing so - they say, “If you have a theory, do not bother me with it unless you bring with that theory a way to prove that you and the theory are wrong’. This is called as a Falsification test. This is the same reason why they paid attention to Albert Einstein towards the beginning of the century. He came [...]

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Undeniable facts about the Quran you should know

As a Muslim, you probably know that reading your Quran is very much important, meanwhile, you may be also wondering WHY. As soon as we grow the sense that we "have to", then the thing we really "have to" ends up feeling like a chore. Well, I just want to try not to give you some obvious and trite ideas here. As a matter of fact, you have probably heard them all. If not though, I think I should go over the facts Insha-Allah, [...]

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