Benefits of reciting Surah ar Rahman (The Beneficent) 

Do you want to know some of the benefits of reciting surah ar Rahman? This surah has 78 verses and it is a ‘makki’ Surah. Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq (a.s.) has said that reciting this surah on Friday after the dawn prayers carries great reward. Surah as-Rahman removes hypocrisy from one’s heart. On the Day of Judgement, this surah will come in the shape of a human being who will be handsome and will have a very nice scent. Allah (s.w.t.) will then tell him to point out [...]

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Day of Arafah: It’s meaning, virtues and why you should fast

Insha Allah, you are just to learn about one of the most important days on the Islamic calendar. This day is such a very mighty day and it is worth your time. Those performing the rites of Hajj spend this day in prayer and worship on this mountain called Mount Arafah in Makkah. However, those of us who have not been blessed with the opportunity to be on the plains have still got lots of Barakah to strive for. But first of all, let’s [...]

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This world is temporary (Quran and Hadith discourse)

O, my people, this worldly life is only [temporary] enjoyment, and indeed, the Hereafter - that is the home of [permanent] settlement. (Quran 40:39) What exactly does it mean to say "Love for Dunya and neglect of Akhirah!"? This is a hadith that explain this concept. The Rasool of Rahmah [saw] said: An era will soon come upon my Ummah when they will love five and will forget five: They will love the world (Dunya) and will forget the hereafter. They will love wealth [...]

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10 days of Dhul Hijjah: It’s Importance and how to achieve it

What you would learn about the first 10 days of Dhul Hijjah: Virtues and Facts of the First Ten Days of Dhul Hijjah How to prepare for these days! Preferable deeds to perform in these 10 days Verily, Islam and Muslims have been blessed by Allah[swt] with many merits and special characteristics. One of the special characteristics that Allah[swt] has blessed the Ummah with are the times of the year, during which, acts obedience are extremely beneficial. Likewise, He has blessed us with special [...]

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For single Muslims: How to live a happy lifestyle

Are you a single Muslim? Being single form part of everyone’s life, it could be part or throughout life. However, it comes with lots of temptations, fears and worldly influence for many Muslims. It is for sure that our faith as Muslims encourages early marriage among young people to escape the temptations involved. Others took full advantage of this, by the time they got to experience what singleness is meant, they aren’t single any longer. What about my brother or sister who for his/her [...]

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Benefits of reciting Surah al-Jinn (Quran 72)

Want to know the Benefits of reciting Surah al-Jinn? Surah al-Jinn is a ‘makki’ surah and contains about 28 ayaat. Bellow are the benefits involved in the recitation of this surah: It is narrated from Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq (a.s.) that frequent recitation of Surah al-Jinn is a protection from Jinn and the reciter will be in the company of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) on the Day of Resurrection. Surah al-Jinn also protects one from the evil actions of an unjust person. Prisoners secure early release by reciting Surah al-Jinn [...]

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Benefits of reciting Surah al-Muzammil

Sūrat al-Muzzammil is the seventy-third chapter of the Qur'an. The Sura contains 20 ayat, or verses, which are recognized by Muslims as the word of Allah (God). Al-Muzzammil takes its name from the reference to the Islamic prophet Muhammad, in his cloak praying at night, in the opening verses of the Sura. Many commentators claim that “The Enfolded One” is a name for Muhammad, used throughout the Qur'an. In the beginning of this Sura, Allah prepares Muhammad for an important revelation. In preparation for this revelation, Allah loosens the strict regulation [...]

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Who is a good Muslim by Mufti Menk

"Who is a good Muslim" is a very beautiful and powerful lecture by Shaik Mufti Menk. It's very inspiring and refreshing. Here, you can watch the video if you like, and you can also read the text which I have transcribed for seekers to benefit Insha-Allah. Please note that this video is transcribed with a trifle modifications to make it easy for perusal Insha-Allah! Bismillahirahmannirraheem. Alhamdulillah Hirabbil Aalameen. Wa salaatu wa salaamu Alal mab-uuti Rahmata lil aalameen. Nabiiyinaa Mohammadan wa alaa aalihi wa [...]

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