What exactly does it mean to say “Love for Dunya and neglect of Akhirah!”?

Below is a hadith that explain this concept.

The Rasool of Rahmah [saw] said:

An era will soon come upon my Ummah when they will love five and will forget five:

  1. They will love the world (Dunya) and will forget the hereafter.
  2. They will love wealth and will forget accountability.
  3. They will love creatures and will forget the creator.
  4. They will love sins and will forget repentance.
  5. They will love places and will forget the graveyard.

Which among this Prophecy are we not seeing today?

islamic quote about dunya and aakhira

Allah [swt] has given us the ability to choose right from wrong to act for ourselves. Don’t you think this is a very precious treasure for us?

As far as we are here on earth, we are being examined to see if we will use our freedom to show our love and appreciation for Allah [swt] by keeping His commandments. What else can guide you in this test if not the Glorious Quran?

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You are fully responsible for every decision or choice you make. Allah [swt] loves you so much and has given you the manual (Quran) on how to succeed in your test on earth.

The Holiest Prophet [saw] loves you too, that’s why he suffered for the entire Ummah and lead an exemplary lifestyle (Hadith) from which you can find peace and harmony both in this world and the hereafter.

Why should we listen to whatever Allah [swt] said in the Quran? Why should we follow the lifestyle of Mohammad [saw]?

There is indeed a reason!

While we have the freedom to make our own choices, we do not have that freedom again to choose the consequences. Whether our actions turn out good or bad, the reactions that follow are natural results of the choices we choose to make.

We do make some bad choices influenced by our cheap desires to bring temporary pleasure, but such choices only destroy us unnoticed. They only delay our progress and lead to misery. But for righteous choices, they lead to lasting happiness and eternal life.

They will love five instead of five” as we read in the hadith at the beginning. Ask yourself this, “Which among these five have I loved and which among them have I forgotten”. This is worth thinking about.

Are you carried away by your love for the world, wealth, creatures, sins, and love for the beautiful places? If that is the case, you’ve forgotten the hereafter. You’ve forgotten that one day you will be held accountable. You’ve also forgotten that without repentance you cannot find peace. And you’ve definitely forgotten about the graveyard. Pretty sad!

Therefore, while we are free to make our own choices in this world, let’s strive for the day when we can’t afford this freedom to choose the consequences. Allah is always mindful of us and will guide us to make wise decisions. All we have to do is to gather lots of courage to stand firm in obeying what Allah has enjoined, even if we have to stand alone. With this, we set good examples for others to follow.

The time is now!

Let’s fall in love with our Maker [swt] rather than our desires (Dunya).

Do for this life as if you live forever, do for the afterlife as if you die tomorrow. Ali ibn Abi TalibClick To Tweet