Islamic wall art: beautiful art desinges

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What do we actually mean by Islamic art?

A central feature of Islamic art is its emphasis on craftsmanship. Creating a high-quality object – something that is a delight to behold is much more important than producing something new and innovative.

Another characteristic of Islamic art is that it does not necessarily tell us anything about the artist’s personal ideas or feelings. Islamic artists and craftsmen often focus on a long, tried-and-true tradition.

What is most important is creating something beautiful and well made, often something with a practical use. In other words, Islamic art largely aims at beautifying everyday life and making utilitarian objects into works of art.

What is Islamic art?

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What does “Islamic” have to do with art? You may ask!

Well, Islamic art is generally defined as works of art produced in the part of the world where the religion of Islam has played a dominant role for a long period of time.

They do not necessarily have to be works of art made by or for Muslims. The artists might also be followers of another religion, for example, Christians or Jews. And the message conveyed by their art does not have to directly reflect the religion of Islam. It can also have a purely secular character. But all the arts displayed here are designed by Muslims and for Muslims around the globe.

Islamic wall art

Is it true that living creatures may not be depicted in Islamic art?

No, it is not true.

As far as I know, pictures of living creatures may not be found in the Koran or in mosques, but otherwise, pictures of animals and people may certainly be used.

The reason why such depictions are not used in the Koran or religious buildings was from the very beginning to avoid idolatry and to free artists from the temptation of emulating God’s creative force.

Note: Please this is from an individual perspective. If you think there is evidence backing this claim, please help us know in the comments below. May Allah bless you!

In general, Islamic art also tends to depict motifs in a very stylized or abstract manner.

Is Islamic art religious art?                              

Yes and no.

While quotations from the Koran are often used in architecture and on various works of art, rarely is a specific visual symbolism related to the religion.

Islamic art as a whole is generally too abstract to enable the beholder to read a clear message into it.

Is there modern Islamic art?

Yes, there are many modern artists and works of art in the Islamic world, where calligraphy, in particular, plays an important role.

Can I buy Islamic wall art online?

Yes, you can. The online world has advanced so much so that there’s almost everything you can buy online. Is there a particular Islamic art you like? Insha-Allah, Below are some beautiful Islamic wall art to pick from.

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