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“Seeking knowledge is an obligation upon every Muslim”


A single Islamic quote is more than a million words!

A single Islamic quote is more than a million words!Click To Tweet

With those few words and you’ll be awakened to new possibilities. It allows you to transcend your ordinary experience and limitations.

Islamic Quotes are Golden! They are not just words, they repel us from apathy to possibility, and transform the way we perceive our own capabilities.

Awesome Huh!

Well, let’s pack home some wisdom from among this wisdom of quotes.

On this page today, I want you to find some of the most interested and beautiful Islamic Quotes and pictures that will inspire you, boost your Iman, and above all, bring you closer to Allah.

I am going to present the quotes in both writings and pictures. Let’s begin with some quotes that will boost our Iman!

Inspirational Islamic quotes

A mistake is something that you did thinking it was right but it was wrong.

Major sins in Islam

No sin remain Minor with persistence and no sin remain Major with Istighfar

Major sins in Islam

Your sin is not greater than Allah’s Mercy

Major sins in Islam

Learn patience from Asiyah

Loyalty from Khadijah

Purity from Maryam

Sincerity from from A’isha

Steadfastness from Fatimah

Islamic Quotes

Character is how you treat those who can do nothing for you

Islamic Quotes

When we repair our relationship with Allah, He repairs everything else for us.

Islamic Quotes

If your way of wearing the Hijab attracts others, know that your Hijab needs correction. Keep your Hijab as simple as you can.

Islamic Quotes

Honesty will guide you to goodness and goodness will invite you to heaven.

Islamic Quotes

Allah does not burden the soul beyond what it can bear (Quran 2:286)

Islamic Quotes

No doubt the person who keeps his parents happy is very fortunate. And The one who displeases his parents is bound to perish.

Islamic Quotes

Never belittle a good act, even if it is nothing more than smiling at a fellow Muslim!

Islamic Quotes

Indeed My Lord is near and responsive (Quran: 11:61)

Islamic Quotes

The greatest of wealth is the richness of the soul

Islamic Quotes

The biggest sign that you love Allah’s Messenger that you choose his Sunah over your desires

Allah does not burden a soul beyond that it can bear (Quran 2:286)

Islamic Quotes

Every obstacle in your life is a chance for you to get closer to Allah

Islamic Quotes

Ehe emptiness you feel at times, the frustration or loneliness is part of your own test. Turn to Allah, He is the turner of hearts.

Islamic Quotes

If you focus on only pleasing Allah, He will take care of matters in your life in a way that will please you.

Islamic Quotes

Allah has blessed you with Life, Gifts Tallents, Family Friends, And many things others do not have. So be thankful!


Islamic Quotes

When the hearts become heavy relieve it by speaking to Allah. He will lighten the burden.

Islamic Quotes

Choose a Halal way and leave the Haram way behind. When you choose the Halal way, Allah will make a way for it to reach you.

Islamic Quotes

Fill your heart with Iman and it will become the most peaceful place on earth.

Islamic Quotes

Men and women have equal rewards for their deeds (Quran 3:195)

Islamic Quotes

The dua made at Tahajjud is like an Arrow which does not miss its target!

Islamic Quotes

Guilt is a gift from Allah warning you that what you are doing is violating your soul.

Islamic Quotes

It’s never luck or fate, it’s Allah’s perfection.

Islamic Quotes

Islamic Quotes About Life (Sayings Of The Salaf)

Avoid the enemies of Allah on their festivals.

There is no goodness in people who don’t give advice, and there is no goodness in people who don’t like to be advised. – Umar ibn al-Khattab

Befriend the one who is above you in the religion and below you in the worldly life. – Uthmaan Ibn Hakeem (Rahmatullah)

Indeed, the believer has a good suspicion of his Lord and then (strives to) perfect his deeds. And indeed, the hypocrite has an evil suspicion of his Lord and then (engages) in evil deeds. – Hasan Al-Basri (Rahmatullah)

The jihad with decisive proofs [from the Book and the Sunnah] and the tongue takes precedence over the jihad with the sword and the spear.

Truly I am only a mortal: I make mistakes (sometimes) and I am correct (sometimes). Therefore, look into my opinions: all that agrees with the Book and the Sunnah, accept it; and all that does not agree with the Book and the Sunnah, ignore it. – Imam Maalik Ibn Anas (Rahmatullah)

The true prisoner is the one whose base desire have imprisoned him.

Whoever proposed to the world, then the world would not be satisfied until he gave up his Deen as dowry.

Follow a good life: Islam and the Sunnah.

The world is nothing except like a man who dreams of things that he loves. Then he wakes up. – al-Hasan

Whoever knows himself will be preoccupied rectifying his own affairs rather than looking for mistakes in others. – Imam Ibn Qayyim al-Jauziyyah

Everything that preoccupies you away from Allaah, be it (your) family, wealth, and children, then indeed it is misfortune.

The best Muslim is a man who revives a practice, from the practices of the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ), that has died out.

Indeed the rights of Allah are far greater than the servant can fulfill, and indeed the blessings of Allah are far more than can be counted, however, Always be in repentance in the morning and evening

From the signs of Allah abandoning a servant, is that He busies him with that which does not concern him. I met a people who used to act and not just speak, but today they (i.e. the people) just speak and do not act. – Abu Khaldah

The intelligent person does not cling to this material world. – Ibn Al-Qayyim

There is no excuse for anyone going astray thinking that he is upon guidance. Nor for abandoning guidance thinking it to be misguidance, since the affairs have been made clear, the proof established and the excuse cut off. – Umar Ibn Al-Khattab

Remedy your heart. For Allah’s desire for man is the soundness of his heart.

Safety is in three things: A lawful means of living, fulfilling obligatory deeds and following the Messenger (ﷺ).

Islamic Quotes Islamic Quotes Islamic Quotes Islamic Quotes Islamic Quotes

Islamic Quotes & Short Sayings by Prophet Mohammad

Islam is a great religion. The secret of its greatness lies in the complete and perfect teachings of the Holy Qur’an and in the fact that the Holy Prophet practiced these teachings to the fullest. He thus became a perfect example for his Ummah. After his death, when his wife Ayesha was asked about the life of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, her answer was:

“His life was the Qur’an”

There was no contradiction between his word/action and the Word of Allah. His revelation was pure, without the least reflection of his personal desires. The Holy Qur’an bears this testimony about him:

“He does not say anything from his own self; all his sayings are in accordance with Divine revelation.”(Quran 53:4-5)

He is also presented in the Holy Qur’an as a perfect model for the whole of humanity. Allah Almighty says in the Holy Qur’an:

“For you, there is a noble example in the Prophet of Allah.”(Quran 33: 22)

'For you, there is a noble example in the Prophet of Allah.'(Quran 33: 22)Click To Tweet On this page today, you are about to experience the wisdom of the Holy Prophet (ﷺ), distilled and presented in beautiful short Islamic quotes and sayings. A study of these sayings provides a brief introduction to the everyday life of the Holy Prophet, as well as to his prayers, high moral standards, and his style of preaching.

Prophet Mohammed Quotes about Relationships & Marriage

Wedlock is my way. He who turns away from my way is not of me. – Prophet Mohammad

When a man whose faith and morals you find pleasing makes a proposal of marriage, accept it. If you do not act thus there would be widespread mischief and disorder. – Prophet Mohammad

most blessed are those whose wedding does not involve too much expense. – Prophet Mohammad

Usually one marries a woman for four reasons: For her wealth, for her family, for her beauty or for her righteousness. Give preference to the one who is righteous. May you remain humble! – Prophet Mohammad

One of the most disliked of all in the lawful things in the sight of Allah is divorce.” – Prophet Mohammad

Mughirah son of Sha’bah sought a woman’s hand in marriage. The Holy Prophet said to him: Arrange to see her first, this will help to establish accord between you. Prophet Mohammad

Islam is beautiful! You get rewards just by smiling!

Islamic Quotes

The Holy Prophet said: “I and the one who looks after an orphan will be together like this in the next world” (Muslim)

Islamic Quotes

Feed the hungry, visit the sick, set free the captives

Prophet Muhammad quotes

Islamic Quotes


There will come a time when holding on to your deen will be like holding on to hot coals”

Prophet Mohammad quotes

Islamic Quotes

Islamic Quotes

The strongest among you is the one who controls his anger.”

Islamic Quotes about anger

I love children. They are content with the least of things, gold and mud are the same in their eyes.

Prophet Mohammad quotes

Islamic Quotes about children

Prophet Muhammad regarded smiling to a brother as an act of charity

Prophet Mohammad quotes

Islamic Quotes about smiling

The Prophet was asked: “Which charity is best?”

He replied: “That which you give while you fear poverty.”

Prophet Mohammad quotes

Islamic Quotes

When you see a person who has been given more than you in money and beauty. Turn and look at those who have been given less.

Prophet Mohammad quotes

Islamic Quotes

No velvet finder than his hand

No silk softer than his palm

No smell sweeter than his scent

No fragrance pleasant that his sweat

No-one more behaved than him

The Messenger of Allah

Islamic Quotes

Richness is not having many possessions, but richness is being content with oneself.”

Islamic Quotes

  • All his children died during his life with the exception of one
  • His companions were persecuted
  • Family members murdered
  • Boycotts sanctioned against him
  • Bounties offered for his assassination
  • Magic cast upon him
  • His enemies united to fight him
  • Driven out of his homeland
  • Faced countless other trials

Yet, his companions said, he was the most smiling and joyful of people… (Mohammad)

Islamic Quotes

If you show Mercy to those who are on the earth, He who is in the heaven will show mercy to you.

Prophet Mohammad quotes

Islamic Quotes

Do not be people without minds of your own, saying that if others treat you well, you will treat them well and that if they do wrong you will do wrong too. Instead, accustom yourselves to do good and not to do wrong if they do evil.”

Islamic Quotes

The perfect believer in faith is the one whose character is finest and who is kindest to his wife

couple Islamic Quotes

Do for this life as if you live forever. Do for the afterlife as if you die tomorrow

Then which of the favors of your Lord will you deny?

Benefits of reciting Surah ar-Rahman (The Beneficent) good manners

O Allah, I thank you for having guided me to Islam and ask you to help me to increase my understanding and practice of Islam.

Lower your gaze

MODESTY, LOWER YOUR GAZE MUSLIM YOUTHIslamic QuotesHow muslims should cover up - Islamic QuotesIslamic QuotesIslamic QuotesIslamic QuotesIslamic QuotesIslamic QuotesIslamic QuotesIslamic QuotesIslamic QuotesIslamic Quotes

Avoiding a sin is lighter than the pain of remorse

Major sins in Islam - beautiful Islamic quotes about life (Muslim Quotes)

Islamic Quotes about Women

Good women are humble, guarding in secret that which Allah has guarded  – Prophet Mohammad

Beware of being alone with strange women. A man alone with a woman outside the prohibited degrees may be tempted. – Prophet Mohammad.

woman perfumes herself to go round and attract men thereby, it is as if she was guilty of adultery. – Prophet Mohammad.

I don’t shake hands with women. – Prophet Mohammad.

The greatest trial for men (after I am gone) will be women. – Prophet Mohammad

Holy Prophet said: There will be a time when women will go abroad dressed as if they are naked. They will strut about shaking their shoulders, their heads wobbling like camel’s humps. Such women will never enter Paradise nor smell its perfume, although this perfume will be perceptible from a long distance. Prophet Mohammad



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