Step by step guide on how to increase your Iman (in Islam)

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Do you feel like your Iman is sinking?

Reading (or listening to) the Quran doesn’t move you.

There’s no joy in your worship. And you fall into sins so easily.

You are becoming very lazy despite being a very active Muslim.

Well, if that’s the case, you’ll want to learn how to increase your Iman.

That’s why you are reading this anyway!

It happens sometimes, to everyone.

I am a victim here.

Not even once, it happened to me several times. To some point, I thought I was a wretch to Allah Almighty.

But today, from my experience, if there’s one thing I can tell you, I’ll say you are not wretch, you are still beautiful.

Allah created us with this fallibility in us. No matter how righteous you are, your actions may, at times go against God’s command, either through forgetfulness, ignorance or satanic influence.

However, disobeying Allah varies from individual to individual.

If your Iman is very strong, you are lucky because the possibility of you falling into sin is very low.

And even if you do, you rectify your mistake and correct it as soon as possible.

But if you are not lucky and your Iman is very low, it’ll be difficult for you to shun any sin that comes your way. Let alone correcting the mistake.

However, no matter how deep or shallow your Iman is, you should recover it with a renewed focus.

Allah mentioned in the Glorious Quran:

“The believers are only those who, when Allah is mentioned, feel a fear in their hearts and when His verses are recited unto them, they (the verses) increase their faith (Iman); and they put their trust in their Lord Alone”

(Quran: chapter 8, verse 2)

The above verse of the Holy Quran is also speaking directly to you who feels like your Iman is running away from you.

It is an everyday thing for you, as a Muslim, to observe closely your Iman and hold yourself responsible when it fluctuates.

What are the reasons behind your Iman increase?

Identify the cause, hold it firmly, and never let go.

And for what leads to its failure, avoid them at every turn, at all cost, even if it means losing something or someone near and dear.

Your relationship with Allah is much more important to you right now than anything else.

The things or people you love are only for the sake of Allah and nothing else.

So never get distracted, or let something or someone come between you and your Lord.

Iman Quote

I already published an article detailing over 10 signs of a weak Iman. If you missed it, go get it here.

It’ll help you discover the cause of your Iman failure, so that you may rectify them with a renewed focus.

However, in this article I want you to discover the elements which can lead to a spike in your Iman increase.

Insha’Allah, I hope and pray that you find it useful.

  • Knowledge: the first step!

Why the first step?

Because it is a point of fundamental importance, without which we cannot hope to discover true faith (Iman).

Being a Muslim is all about knowing Allah, His likes, and dislikes.

That’s possible only when you seek knowledge. This is made clear in the Quran when Allah said:

Say: are they equal, those who possess knowledge and those who do not? – (Quran: Chapter 39, Verse 9)

It is only the learned among His servants who truly fear Allah. – (Quran: Chapter 35, Verse 28)

Knowledge is the one thing without which your Iman cannot grow.

Knowledge, whose absolute necessity I stress so much, will give you the power to act well in your responsibilities, and capacity to appreciate life in the right way.

This knowledge will be valuable to you in this life and the life to come.

This refers to knowledge of Allah, His names, attributes, and actions.

It indicates also knowledge of Allah’s Messenger, His character, the legislation he laid down, His method of worship, and treatment of people.

It also indicates knowledge of Allah’s Book and stories, examples, wisdom, admonition, and truth it contains.

  • Action: the second step!

Why the second step?

Because acquiring knowledge without sincerely applying it will only increase our conceit.

If we are also sincere in what we do without the knowledge, we will only be stubbornly following our viewpoints and will never see the truth.

So know that these two are best friends, one without the other is incomplete.

First of all, you must know who your Allah is, what His orders are, which deeds please him and which displease Him.

When these things are known, the second step is to make yourself a true servant of Allah by giving up your own desires in order to implement your knowledge in the form of obedience and action.

If your heart desires to do a certain act, and the order of Allah is against it, you should side with Allah.

Or maybe you expect to benefit from a certain action but Allah forbids it, you must refrain it even though it might have brought you all the treasures of the world.

This is the knowledge and action by which you can increase your Iman and become a true servant of Allah.

  • Now, What’s The Next Step?

Now you know how acquiring knowledge and implementing it can contribute to your Iman increase.

But how do you get the knowledge, and how do you take the action?

Fortunately, there’s a way out.

It’s time for me to lift the veil for you.

All you need to do is keep sliding down the page, take action after that, and leave the rest to Allah and Insha’Allah, everything will go as you want it to.


Repentance is a way of telling Allah that you’ve admitted your errors and that you will never repeat them, and for that matter, He should forgive you.

Iman Quote

This should be your first approach when you really want your Iman growth. It open doors for other actions to follow.

The topic of repentance and seeking forgiveness is already covered and you should take advantage of it now.

It’s a step by step guide on how exactly to repent and ask Allah for forgiveness.

Perform Salaat regularly & properly

This is an act of worship for every Muslim without which there is nothing to be called Iman.

The purpose for which Allah created you is to worship none but him.

That’s why you have to keep your life dedicated to adoring and obeying Him.

To cultivate and keep alive this awareness is not an easy thing to do because there is a Satan within and around you whose voice constantly whispers to you: “follow me and great benefits await you.”

And this is exactly what leads to our Iman failure.

Now, this Satan within and around you can only be defeated with a constant reminder that you are a slave to none but Allah.

This is what Salaat does.

When you get up in the morning, salaat reminds you of Allah even before you start your day.

When you are busy in your work, it again reminds you of Allah. And when you are about to go to bed, you are reminded once again.

Salaat is a blessing for you.

A very powerful tool to keep you moving in life with Allah always in your mind.

No doubt it is described in the Quran as ‘Remembrance’ for those who believe – (Quran: Chapter 29, verse 45)

Perform Salaat to Remember Allah

Now tell me, how can one without salaat, be able to escape the spells cast by Satan?

No matter what happens, never stop performing your five daily prayers.

If you don’t know how to read salaat well, you must learn. If you don’t have the time, find the time.

If you pray with a weak concentration, try and work it out.

Read (or at least Listen to) the Quran

You know in the beginning I talked about the value of knowledge in Islam.

The Quran is the best source for acquiring knowledge concerning Islam.

But unfortunately, it’s usefulness for many Muslims consists only in keeping it in their homes to drive away jinns and ghost.

No longer do Muslims seek from its guidance for their lives.

Never approach the Quran in this manner.

Rather, you should seek complete guidance from it. Find from it what is true and what is false. Find from it whom your friends are and whom your enemies are.

Find from it where honor, well-being, and benefits are to be found and where disgrace and failure lies.

You’ll be amazed at how much useful guidance you can derive from the Quran.

It is the nourishment of your soul, the light of the heart and guidance to the straight path as stated in Quran chapter 17, Verse 9.

So whenever you feel like your Iman is dropping, quickly turn to the Quran, it’ll tell you what to do.

Don’t just read for reading sake. Make sure you pay attention to the meaning and look for help in what you are reading, even if it’s only one verse.

Every verse of the Quran can do wonders in your life as a Muslim.

Fast voluntarily as much as you can

The best voluntary fasts are those on Mondays, Thursdays, and the white days.

But if you cannot fast that much, do it on a random day and make it count by doing a lot of good deeds on that day.

Let me tell you a very important secret about fasting.

When you observe very well, all acts of ibaadah require you to take some physical actions visible to anybody around.

In the salaat, you stand, bow down, sit and prostate, which is witnessed by others around you.

In Hajj you undertake a long journey and travel with thousands of people.

Even in giving charity, it is known to at least, the two persons.

The interesting thing about fasting, which is not found in any other form of worship is that it is a form of ‘Ibadah which is entirely private.

The All-knowing Allah alone knows that His servant is fasting.

This private nature of the fasting ensures that you have strong faith in Allah as the one who knows everything.

So when fasting, try as much as possible not to reveal your intention of fasting to anyone except Allah.

Doing that will only make you feel good in the eyes of people instead of Allah.

But when your fasting is only known to you and your maker, the feelings you experience is special.

It makes you feel purity in your blessed soul so much so that you can feel the Iman running through your veins.

Increase good deeds

Naturally, our Iman increases when we increase our good deeds. And it falls each time we commit a sin.

Thus, if you want to boost your Iman, please increase your good deeds and try as much as possible to refrain from committing sins, particularly the major sins.

Increasing your good deeds will bring you closer to Allah, increase your Iman, and purify you.

On top of that, you are less likely to fall into your base desires and worldly pleasures.

But remember, the best deeds are those done consistently!

The Noble Prophet made mention of this when he said:

“The best deeds are those we are consistent with even if they are small deeds.”

Thus, doing good deeds, whose absolute necessity I recommend for each and every Muslim, should be done consistently.

And don’t worry, if you can’t think of some goods to commit yourself in, I think I can help.

Here are over 40 good deeds that will increase your Iman.

Always pray in congregation.

This is indeed a very nice thing you should never stop doing.

The benefits of praying in a congregation are very great and encouraged by the Noble Prophet.

It also creates a chance for socializing with other Muslims and knowing about them.

Attending funerals and its prayers.

The Noble Prophet once said:

“Whoever attends a funeral until he offers the (funeral) prayer will have one qiraat (of reward) and whoever attends until the burial is done will have two qiraats.” It was asked: “what are the two qiraats?” He said: “Like two great mountains.” – (Sahih Bukhari)

This highlights the importance and significance of attending funerals and offering funeral prayers as well.

Besides, it also shows how much you care for your family or people around you, which is also required of you as a Muslim.

Hold ties of kinship

Said the Prophet:

“Whoever would like his provision to be increased and his lifespan extended, let him uphold his ties of kinship.” – (Sahih Bukhari)

Improve your relationship with your family.

It will spread love across the family making the society a strong one.

Glorifying Allah

This will keep you away from pride and also help you resist the temptation of committing sins.

In the long run, our relationship with Allah will uplift tremendously.

Never miss Isha and Fajr

Isha is the last prayer of the day which is performed in the night, whilst Fajr is the first prayer that begins the day at dawn.

The Prophet said in a hadith that:

“He who prays Isha in (congregation) is as if he has prayed for half the night. As to him who (also) prays Fajr in congregation, it is as if he prayed all night” – (Sahih Muslim)

Voluntary Prayer

The Prophet recommended this act when he said:

“The most superior prayer of a person is in his home, except the obligatory prayers.” – (Sahih Bukhari)

This indicates that apart from the obligatory prayers, voluntary prayers will also bring to you many rewards from Allah Almighty.

Replying to Azan

The Prophet said in a hadith:

“Say as they say (in Azan), and when you finish, ask and you will be given.” – (Abu Dawud)

This act may seem too small to do, but the benefits are so great.

Stop anything you are doing and listen carefully when the azan is being called, and repeat everything the Muazin said, it’s as simple as that.

After which you should make a wish to Allah, who knows what Allah can do in your life.


This is one of the renowned practice since the beginning of Islam.

It is the remembrance of Allah and there are numerous types of it, each of which carries its own significance.

Make it part of you no matter what type of Dhikr it is. Insha’Allah, it’ll purify you spiritually.

Help Others

It doesn’t matter how much you can help. Just help even if it is helping an elderly cross the road.

You don’t have to own lots of money to help others as people think.

Do you even notice that I am helping you just now by making this information available to you?

And you can as well help others by sharing this post to them.

So whatever you think will benefit someone, don’t look down upon it, just offer a hand to help.


I’ll like to end here.

There are countless ways on how to increase you Iman as a Muslim.

I encourage you to take action and never stop pursuing more knowledge.

That’s the only way you and I can escape the danger of being misled.

Don’t forget to share!


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