Muslim dating in schools, Colleges or Universities

As a person grows up, he/she will inevitably be given understanding. Once a boy becomes a man and a girl becomes a woman, it is compulsory on both to worship God. It is when a person hits adolescence that God ~ gives him the ability to distinguish right from wrong. A person will suddenly find changes within himself physically and emotionally and no doubt these feelings will have a major impact on him spiritually. It is at this point where one must take great [...]

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For the young Muslims – this is a beautiful Advice!

As a youth, taking this very serious will not only help you acquire the wealth of reward but also add a great deal towards creating your awareness of the significance of acts of worship in life. Youth is worth enjoying but only in a wise way. To catch my vibe well, let’s learn something from this old man. Once an elderly man was passing by some area, extremely old and was very bent as if he was looking for something on the floor. A [...]

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