We are Muslims! Let us treat the Quran like Muslims

Do you know that Muslims are the only people in the world today, fortunate enough to possess the word of God preserved in its original form, free from all distortions, and precisely in the wording in which it was sent down upon the Prophet, blessings and peace be on him? Do you also know that these same Muslims suffer the misfortune of being denied the countless blessings and benefits which the word of God must give to those who believe in it? Don’t be [...]

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5+Benefits of reciting and listening to Surah Yasin 

Without doubts, the Quran is great. And it stands out and fends for itself by Allah’s will. How unfortunate is the person who fails to read and listen to the words of his Creator? And what excuse would be enough for doing so? If the true value of the Holy Qur’an was understood, don’t you think the Muslims of the world would not be where they are today? Yet this great living miracle lies abandoned in our libraries, bookshelves, or even in a beautifully [...]

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Benefits of reciting Surah adh-Dhuha ( The Brightness)

Surah adh-Dhuha is the ninety-third sura of the Qur'an with 11 ayat. The Surah takes its name Aḍ-Ḍuḥā from the very first word. Although there is some debate amongst scholars, this sura is often considered to be the second revealed to Muhammad. After the first sura (al-Alaq) was received, there was a period of silence in which no further messages were revealed. During this time, the new Prophet wondered if he had somehow displeased God, who it seemed for a while was no longer sending down His message. This sura broke that silence and [...]

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Benefits of reciting Surah Yousuf plus a brief story

Is Quran reading hard for you? You are not alone because it is a very difficult task for many. But wait for a second! Despite knowing all the virtues promised for reading the Quran, are we still reluctant? I think this is where the problem lies. We only know that it is very beautiful to read the Quran, less do we know exactly what the beauty really is. Maybe that’s even why you want to know the Benefits of reciting Surah Yousuf. The interesting news [...]

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Benefits of reciting Surah al-Qari’ah (The Terrible Calamity)

Surah al-Qari’ah (Arabic: سورة القارعة‎) is the 101st chapter (sura) of the Quran with 11 verses. This chapter takes its name from its first word "qariah", referring to the Quranic view of the end time and eschatology. "Qariah" has been translated to calamity, striking, catastrophe, clatterer, etc According to Ibn Kathir, a traditional exegete, Al-Qariah is one of the names of the Day of Judgement, like Al-Haaqqa, At-Tammah, As-Sakhkhah and others.[3] After a picturesque depiction of judgement day in first 5 ayaat, next 4 ayat describe that Allah's Court will be established and the people will be called upon to account [...]

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Benefits of reciting certain Surah of the Quran

The importance of reciting, studying and contemplating on the verses of the Holy Qur’an cannot be stressed enough. Indeed this great revelation has many depths and mysteries that have yet to be discovered. Those who frequently read the Holy Qur’an can attest to the fact that it is an unending source of information and a bottomless well of fresh knowledge and guidance. Reading it repeatedly does not lead to ennui, but rather causes one to open many more avenues of thought. How unfortunate is [...]

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Benefits of reciting Surah at-Teen (the Fig)

Surah at-Teen was revealed in Makkah and has 8 verses. Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq (a.s.) has said the reward for reciting this surah in prayers is a great palace in Jannah It is narrated by the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) that the reward given to the person who recites this surah cannot be counted. If recited on food, it’s evil effects are removed. The one who recites this surah is compared to the person who has visited the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) and had his needs fulfilled [...]

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Benefits of reciting Surah Ale-Imran (The Family of Imran)

There are a total of 200 verses in Surah Ale-Imran and it was revealed in Madinah. The Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) has said that whoever recites surah Ale-Imran on Friday, then until the setting of the sun, he will be showered by the Mercy of Allah (s.w.t.) and the angels will beg for his forgiveness. The Prophet (s.a.w.) has also recommended this surah for those women who are not able to conceive. See Also: Benefits of reciting Surah Yasin Benefits of Reciting Surah Mohammad The [...]

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