Who is a good Muslim by Mufti Menk

"Who is a good Muslim" is a very beautiful and powerful lecture by Shaik Mufti Menk. It's very inspiring and refreshing. Here, you can watch the video if you like, and you can also read the text which I have transcribed for seekers to benefit Insha-Allah. Please note that this video is transcribed with a trifle modifications to make it easy for perusal Insha-Allah! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gzAoolnTMQo Bismillahirahmannirraheem. Alhamdulillah Hirabbil Aalameen. Wa salaatu wa salaamu Alal mab-uuti Rahmata lil aalameen. Nabiiyinaa Mohammadan wa alaa aalihi wa [...]

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The Hijab is very Important: How to Endure it

In these modern days, all Islamic sisters who found themselves behind hijab are mocked everywhere with disheartening comments. If they attend public gathering wearing a hijab, they run into comments such as “What’s this you are wearing, alright, you can take if off now’, we know you are modest, this is so old-fashioned because the world has moved on.” Such snide comments smash the hearts of hijab-observing Islamic sisters into thousands of pieces. What can our dear sisters do in these situations? Because these [...]

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