Chapter 2 – Maybe you are not what you think

This is the second chapter of a book called "Am I really A Muslim?". You can download this book for free here. I have searched for a long time, as you may have, for answers to this question. And after my rigorous findings, I don’t seem to land on a single, once-and-for-all answer. But finally, I landed on an axiom that we Muslims aren’t what we think we are. Are we not Muslims if we submit to Allah? You may ask. Yes, anybody who [...]

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Chapter 1 – So you think you are a Muslim? Please think again!

This is the first chapter of a book called "Am I really A Muslim?". You can download this book for free. My name is Abdulai and you are welcome to this blog. I just want to share with you this little story. When I was far behind as a Muslim, I dreamt a lot that one day I also become like the righteous ones. Even though it’s been a while, I still remember learning the Holy Quran with my first teacher. We had just [...]

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Step by step guide on how to increase your Iman (in Islam)

Do you feel like your Iman is sinking? Reading (or listening to) the Quran doesn’t move you.  There’s no joy in your worship. You fall into sins so easily. And you are becoming very lazy despite being a very active Muslim. Well, if that’s the case, you’ll want to learn how to increase your Iman, right? It happens sometimes to everyone. I am also a victim here. Not even once, it happened to me several times. To some point, I thought I was a [...]

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40+ good deeds in Islam to help you become a better Muslim

Want to know how to become a better Muslim?  This is a wired question to ask because it is every Muslim’s dream to increase Iman and become a good Muslim. But how exactly? Are there some easy to do good deeds in Islam that can really make one a better person? Well now, whether you like it or not, as a Muslim, these questions will eventually marvel you someday. I think it’s the reason for which you are here surfing. To find answers, and [...]

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Niyya: Value Of Sincerity (Actions are Judged by Intentions)

A story is told of a man who approached three workers who were doing the same job. “What are you doing?” he asked each one of them separately and got different answers. “I am cutting the stones” replied the first. “I am earning my livelihood” replied the second. “I am building a mosque” replied the third. Each of the three workers saw himself linked to a different purpose, one was to that extent, different from others, although all worked alike and were engaged in [...]

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problems with no solutions? Just focus on Allah, you’ll be happy!

I am just wondering if you ever had the feeling that life isn’t good, really bad that you wish you were in another condition. Do you think that life seems to make everything difficult for you, work boring, life sucks, everything seems to go wrong? It is even better if you know that someday you’ll get to the end of your problems. What about if there isn’t just any solution for you to lay your hopes on? That’s exactly a problem with no solution. [...]

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10+ Common Signs of weak Iman

The phenomenon of weak Iman has become very widespread among Muslims, and many people complain about the hardness of their hearts. So often we hear words like, I feel the hardness in my heart, I do not find any joy in worship, Reading Quran does not move me, and I fall into sin so easily. The effects of this affliction can be seen in many people and this problem is the cause of every disaster and adversity, as mentioned in the Glorious Quran: He [...]

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This world is temporary (Quran and Hadith discourse)

O, my people, this worldly life is only [temporary] enjoyment, and indeed, the Hereafter - that is the home of [permanent] settlement. (Quran 40:39) What exactly does it mean to say "Love for Dunya and neglect of Akhirah!"? This is a hadith that explain this concept. The Rasool of Rahmah [saw] said: An era will soon come upon my Ummah when they will love five and will forget five: They will love the world (Dunya) and will forget the hereafter. They will love wealth [...]

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