who will go to Jahannam? Will All non-Muslims go to hell?

Question: Since idol worshiping is the greatest sin in Islam and Allah does not forgive an idol worshiper no matter what the situation. What about those people born into families of different religion and may not have the chance to be exposed to Islam. How will Allah punish them? Will they go to Jahannam? Answer: Alhamdulillah for this question. At times, we begin to think about certain things which generate some questions in the mind. And ignorance of things like this could bring about [...]

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Chapter 2 – Maybe you are not what you think

This is the second chapter of a book called "Am I really A Muslim?". You can download this book for free here. I have searched for a long time, as you may have, for answers to this question. And after my rigorous findings, I don’t seem to land on a single, once-and-for-all answer. But finally, I landed on an axiom that we Muslims aren’t what we think we are. Are we not Muslims if we submit to Allah? You may ask. Yes, anybody who [...]

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Hunger for Allah: What is the correct time for Suhoor/Sahri in Ramadan?

The time of Suhoor starts from midnight and ends a few minutes before Fajr. But when is the correct time to take your meal for fasting. How close or far should it be from Fajr? Zayd Ibn Thabit reported that: “We took Suhoor with the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) and then we stood up for prayer. I said: How long was the interval between the azan and Suhoor? He replied: The time required for the recitation of fifty verses”. (Bukhari and [...]

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Some desirable good deeds to practice in Ramadan

The entire month of Ramadan is a season of virtues, worship, and obedience to Allah. We are encouraged to do good deeds frequently and with full preparation in this month. Therefore, we have to strive hard in the days and nights of Ramadan to follow the practice of the Prophet (ﷺ), to seek the Pleasure of Allah, and to attain the benefits of fasting during Ramadan. Benevolence and Generosity Spending out charity is recommended during all time, but it is particularly emphasized during the [...]

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What to do when you have a bad dream (Hadith)

Dreams in Islam means a lot for we Muslims, be it a good dream or a bad dream. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhiSeFoMypE&t=30s Did you have a dream that is appealing to you? One you wish could come true? Well, in such cases, the holiest Prophet [saw] recommends spreading your good dream to your family and friends. What about the dream you had that was so scary that you couldn’t sleep for the rest of the night? Let’s call it a nightmare. With this type of dreams, as [...]

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How to make Dua in Islam that Allah will answer (Insha’Allah)

Did you know that the greatest and the noblest form of worship is dua? Did you also know that in many cases, dua can change what is already decreed by Allah? And yet, you’ll be amazed if I tell you that many Muslims don’t know how to make dua. Every day we spend so much time in front of Allah, asking for that change in our lives, still, without the results we are expecting. Why? Is there something we are not doing that could [...]

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Benefits of reciting Surah al-Qari’ah (The Terrible Calamity)

Surah al-Qari’ah (Arabic: سورة القارعة‎) is the 101st chapter (sura) of the Quran with 11 verses. This chapter takes its name from its first word "qariah", referring to the Quranic view of the end time and eschatology. "Qariah" has been translated to calamity, striking, catastrophe, clatterer, etc According to Ibn Kathir, a traditional exegete, Al-Qariah is one of the names of the Day of Judgement, like Al-Haaqqa, At-Tammah, As-Sakhkhah and others.[3] After a picturesque depiction of judgement day in first 5 ayaat, next 4 ayat describe that Allah's Court will be established and the people will be called upon to account [...]

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How to perform wudu (ablution) like our beloved Prophet

Before you can be able to stand before Allah in salat, you have to make yourself ready. That's when ablution comes in. But do we really know how to perform wudu? Well, Insha'Allah, in this article I want us to thoroughly walk through everything you need to know about wudu in considerable details. I pray that you find this useful. After you are don here don't forget to go through this step by step guid on how to perform Ghusl What is Wudu (Ablution)? [...]

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