In these modern days, all Islamic sisters who found themselves behind hijab are mocked everywhere with disheartening comments. If they attend public gathering wearing a hijab, they run into comments such as “What’s this you are wearing, alright, you can take if off now’, we know you are modest, this is so old fashioned because the world has moved on.”

Such snide comments smash the hearts of hijab-observing Islamic sisters into thousands of pieces. What can our dear sisters do in these situations? Because these are not easy times and any Islamic sister who wears a full Islamic Hijab is always confronted with such severe afflictions.

Well, dear righteous women in Islam, if you happen to find yourself in this situation, you need not be discouraged. Starting a heated quarrel or kicking up a fuss with everybody who mocks you could cause a lot of mess. This kind of attitude will only make a situation worse instead of making it better which is not the traits of a beautiful Islamic sister like you.

In order to comfort your heart in such circumstances, always bear it in mind that Islam is the only faith that uplifted the status of women and granted them their just rights 1400 years ago. Women in Islam are expected to maintain their status. Never heed to their cheap thinking that Islam degrades women by keeping them behind the veil? It is but only to protect you.

Think to yourself about how much our Beloved Prophet and His companions suffered from what you are going through right now. Until our Holy Prophet announced his Prophetic claim, He was respected by everyone including the unbelievers who referred to him using titles such as ‘Trustworthy’ (Amin) and ‘Truthful’ (sadiq), but as soon as he began to publicly preach Islam, the same malicious people began to insult, ridicule, hurt and swear at him. In addition they attempted to take his life.

Amazingly, despite these hurting moments, the Prophet of mercy, He maintained steadfastness, and always patient. I sincerely entreat dear Islamic sisters to be patient and always take the following words to heart in such situations:

‘Inasmuch as I was fashionable in their way and did not observe veil, no one fleer at me; but now that I found myself behind this beautiful veil, they began to taunt me; I sincerely thank Allah for granting me the opportunity to act upon the Sunnah of bearing cruelty.’

It is my sincere request to sisters that no matter how much pain you experience never be impatient. Do not utter any unfriendly word unless Shari’ah permits. Ahadith-e-Quds states that Allah said:

O son of Adam! If you are patient and seek reward during the first instance of sadness, then I shall not get pleased for you with any reward other than Paradise.

I would like to present this heart-touching story to encourage any Islamic sister who is belittled in society and taunted by her family for wearing a full Islamic Hijab and for following Sunnah of the Holy Prophet.

Asiyah (the wife of Pharaoh) is an inspiration for any Islamic sister who is troubled at home by her family for observing Hijab.

Asiyah was pharaoh’s wife who became a believer after seeing the failure and conversion of the magicians who competed against Prophet Musa Kalimullah. When pharaoh became aware of this, he began to torture her using various methods in order to make her reject her faith, but unfortunately on His side Asiyah remained steadfast.

Eventually, pharaoh forced her to lie on a plank of wood in the scorching heat and nailed both her hands and feet into the wood. Adding to her pain, he placed millstones on her blessed chest to prevent her from moving. Even in this agonizing and unbearable pain, her faith did not waver even the slightest bit and she painfully prayed to Allah:

O my Lord! Build a house for me in your nearness in Paradise, and rescue me from Pharaoh and his work, and rescue me from the unjust people. (Quran Surah Tahrim, 66:11)

In one of the famous Quran commentaries it is mentioned that Allah sent some angels to shade her and show her home to her in Paradise; this made her forget all her pains. Some reports state that her body was raised to the sky. Sayyiduna Asiyah will be married to our Beloved Prophet in Heaven.

May Allah have mercy on her and forgive us without accountability for her sake!