Hadith regarding taking revenge in Islam

Hadith on Revenge

It was narrated that Sa’eed bin Al-Musayyab said: “While the Messenger of Allah was sitting and his Companions were with him, a man reviled Abu Bakr and offended him, and Abu Bakr remained silent.

Then he offended him again and Abu Bakr remained silent. Then he offended him a third time, and Abu Bakr retaliated.

The Messenger of Allah stood up when Abu Bakr retaliated, and Abu Bakr said: ‘Are you angry with me, 0 Messenger of Allah?’

The Messenger of Allah said: ‘An Angel came down from heaven and refuted what he said to you, but when you retaliated the Shaytan joined in, and I do not want to sit where the Shaytan joined in.” (Hasan)

(Sunan Abu-dawud, Volume 5, Hadith 4896)

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