Abdullah bin Abi Qatadah reported from his father, who said that the Prophet said: “If one of you urinates, then let him not touch his penis with his right hand, and if he goes to relieve himself, then let him not wipe himself with his right hand, and if he drinks, then let him not drink with one breath.” (Sahih) (Sunan-Abu-Dawud volume 1, number 31)

Aishah narrated: “The Prophet would use his right hand for his purification (Wudu’), and his eating, and he would use his left hand for (cleaning after) relieving himself, and for whatever was harmful.” (Da’if) (Sunan-Abu-Dawud volume 1, number 33)

It is forbidden to touch one’s sexual organ (for both males and females) with the right hand while relieving oneself. It may be inferred from this that one should also not touch that area with the right hand in general as well.

One should drink a beverage in three intervals, taking a breath in between. (That makes three breaths). That is the Islamic manner of drinking any beverage. Drink with one breath means that one should breathe outside of the vessel when drinking rather than inside of it.