‘Adi bin Hatim narrated that the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said:

“There is no man among you except that his Lord shall converse with him on the Day of Judgement, there being no interpreter between him and Him (Allah).

Then he looks to the south (his right) and does not see anything except the things he put forward (of good), then he looks to the north (his left) and he does not see anything except the things he put forward (of evil), then he turns to look before him to find he is facing the Fire.”

The Messenger of Allah (pbuh), said:

“Whoever among you is able to protect his face from (the heat of) the Fire – even with a piece of a date – then let him do so.”


The Hadith is intended to remind us all that it is but certain that each one of us shall be presented before Allah for reckoning on the Day of Judgment.

He shall then see all his good and bad deeds in visual form as well as the Hellfire raging in all its fury before his eyes. We should, therefore, take all possible steps to avoid it.

And among the best protection against it i. e., the heat of the Fire, is the giving of charity, even if it were as little as the dry piece of a date.

Jami-at-tirmidhi (Volume 4, hadith number 2415)