40+ good deeds in Islam to help you become a better Muslim

good deeds in islam to become better muslim
  1. Kindness to children

Kindness to children is a Prophetic Sunnah. Our beloved Prophet said that he was not one of us who did not have kindness for the younger ones. Hadith quotes his words as follows:

“When I hear a child crying while I am leading the prayer I shorten them so that the child’s mother may not be agitated by the child’s crying.”

He took children in his arms, kissed them and talked to them in a light vein. All these acts are Sunnah of the Prophet and to do them with the intent of following the Sunnah is very beneficial.

  1. Respond to adhan

To show respect for adhan, one should keep as quiet as possible while the call is being given; and it has been emphasized by our blessed Prophet that each word of adhan should be responded to, i.e. the hearer should repeat each word that the giver of the call utters.

  1. Careful Ablution (Wudu)

Wudu or Ablution with full observance of its rules according to Sunnah is a sublime act for which hadith has promised many merits and rewards. Hadith relates that once the Prophet said to the Companions:

“Do I tell you the things due to which Allah the Most High eradicates (your) sins and elevates (you)?” The Companion said ‘O Messenger of Allah’. Do tell us”. The Holy Prophet said: to perform complete ablution in spite of not wanting it, to take many steps to the mosque, and to wait for next prayers after one prayer. This act is as sublime as jihad.” (Muslim and Tirmidhi)

This means that even when one does not feel like performing ablution due to, say, cold weather, its performing is as rewarding as guarding the frontier in jihad. Correct ablution means ablution as prescribed in the Sunnah. Hence one must follow and observe the prescribed method of ablution and if one does not know it, he must learn it.

  1. Feeling the Gap in Prayer row

Keeping the rows in congregational prayer straight and filling of gaps therein have been highly emphasized and described act with great merit. Abdullah ibn Omar has related that our blessed Prophet once said:

“He who joins a row (i.e. fill its gap) is rewarded by Allah with His closeness” (Nasai)

  1. Taking back sold goods

Sometimes a buyer wishes to return a thing he has bought. In such a case the seller is not bound to take it back. But if he does it in view of the buyer’s need or his embarrassment, it would be an act of very high merit. Abu Hurairah has quoted the following Prophetic words:

He who takes back returned goods after it has been sold has his sins pardoned on the Day of Judgment (Abu Dawud)

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