40+ good deeds in Islam to help you become a better Muslim

good deeds in islam to become better muslim
  1. Kindness

Allah’s messenger said:

“Allah is kind and likes kindness”. (Sahih Muslim)

Kind behavior implies that one must not argue or quarrel with others on every issue. One should be ready to accept another’s viewpoint if it is acceptable, and if it is not, one should withdraw from the argument. It is not good to compel others to agree with one’s own viewpoint and to force them into submission.

  1. Make peace

Peacemaking between two Muslims who differ among themselves is a very lucrative character a Muslim. The Prophet said:

“He is not a liar who makes peace between two persons and conveys good things from one to another” (Bukhari and Muslim)

  1. Support orphans and widows

Abu Hurairah has related the following hadith of our beloved Prophet:

“The best Muslim homes is the one where an orphan is treated well and the worst one is that where an orphan is ill-treated “. (Ibn Majah)

The Holy Quran and the tradition of our beloved Mohammad are both replete with injunctions to help, aid and assist the orphans and widows. Hence, whenever there is a chance to help an orphan or a widow, never lose it. And whatever good one can do to help an orphan should be done.

Insha’Allah this act shall earn the doer much merit, provided the good deed is done with absolute sincerity and not to Show off or hold them in the thrill, but to carp the Divine Pleasure only. Even if one is thanked or paid for the good deed, one should not regard it as a payment for services rendered but should look to Allah for reward.

  1. Spend on your family

Barring a few selfish people, there is none in this world who does not spend money on his family. The only purpose of the struggle for earning a living is to provide one’s family with their needs and to make their life easy and comfortable. Few know, however, that this effort too is an act of worship with great merit in the eyes of Allah.

Just look at how kind and-gracious Allah is. What one does solely to satisfy his own inner urges has been changed by a slight change of intent into an act of worship with such a merit that it has become superior to all other Sadaqah and expenditures. Hence to please Allah, one should openly spend to fulfill the lawful needs of one’s family and should never regret it.

  1. Serving your parents

Serving parents is normally easy since love for parents is but natural, and one is automatically motivated to serve and help them and take care of them. Parents too love their children and do not want anything that troubles them. A little service is therefore enough to please them and earn their blessings.

According to one hadith looking at parents with love has merits equal to Umrah and Hajj. Thus by serving one’s parents, a man can earn much merit. Our Holy and eternally blessed Prophet has said

“May that person be disgraced, may that person be disgraced who, finds either or both of his parents in old age, and yet is not able to enter the Paradise” (Muslim)

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