40+ good deeds in Islam to help you become a better Muslim

good deeds in islam to become better muslim
  1. Establish Greetings

Greeting others is one of the beautiful Islamic practices which are the hallmark of a Muslim and its merits have been anointed in many ahadith. For example in one hadith our beloved Prophet said:

“One who takes presence in greeting others is closer to Allah”. (Abu Dawud)

It is not a good thing to greet only those with whom one is acquainted; greeting strangers also is a matter of great merit. Our Holy Prophet ﷺ was asked as to which activities are good for Muslims. Among the actions which the Prophet ﷺ enumerated was this: “You should greet people whether you know them or not” (Bukhari & Muslim)

  1. Visit the sick

It has been reported that the Prophet ﷺ said

“When a Muslim visits his sick brother in faith, he is all the time in the garden of Paradise.”

In another narration:

Ali said that he heard the Holy Prophet saying that “When a Muslim goes to visit another ailing Muslim in the morning, seventy thousand angels pray for his forgiveness till evening, and if he goes visiting till the evening, seventy thousand angels pray for his forgiveness till morning and he is granted a garden in the Paradise”. (Tirmidhi)

Upon hearing the sickness on anyone among his companions, the Holy Prophet always went to visit and pray for the sick.

The correct way to visit someone is to place your hand on the sick person’s forehead and inquire about his or her illness and how he or she is feeling now. But only if placing the hand on his forehead does not cause him or her pain. Otherwise, it is sufficient to just ask how he is.

  1. Take part burial services

Taking part in the burial service of a Muslim and involving yourself in the funeral procession have been designated as an act of great importance by our eternally beloved Prophet ﷺ. He has called it a right of the dead that the living ones pray for them and accompany them to the graveyard.

Prophet said that “Whosoever participates in a burial service (namaz-e-janaza) carps one carat and if he remains till burial is complete, then he gets two carats, each carat being equal to the Mount of Ohud”.

You should participate in this prayer not as a matter of pure form but for the sake of Allah’s pleasure; this would certainly fetch you many rewards.

  1. Condolence and consoling

It won’t take much of your time and energy to offer condolences on somebody’s death and to console the bereaved family by word and deed. Yet, this beautiful act can bring you lots of blessings, including love and happiness.

But take note: condolence in this sense is mistakenly taken as an expression of grief, and so, instead of consoling and comforting the grieving family, you cause them more grief. Condolence actually means consoling and sympathizing. Hence it embraces all ways and means of comforting the mourners and giving them solace to reduce their anguish.

  1. Love for the sake of Allah

To express your love for the sake of Allah’s pleasure is also a grand act for which much merit and many rewards have been promised. “To love for the sake of Allah” means loving someone, not for any worldly gain, but because he is more religious and pious. Or he is very learned in din. Or because loving him is commanded by Allah, e.g. one’s parents. Such a love has been called “love for Allah” in hadith.

“On the Day of Judgment. Those who had mutual love for the sake of Allah’s Greatness shall be on pulpits of light and all shall envy them” (At-Tirmidhi)

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