40+ good deeds in Islam to help you become a better Muslim

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  1. Thankfulness to Allah

One must thank Allah for all his blessings and mercies, whether big or small. You should thank Allah when you finally return home safely from work. When you find your family safe and well. When you eat or see your children happy. In other words, everything which pleases and comforts you should be acknowledged with thanks to Allah who is the provider of your happiness.

  1. Quran reading

The Quran is Allah’s greatest gift to every believer. It must be read, understood and acted upon. Even mere reading of the Quran has been designated by Allah as acts of great merit. It is enough to invoke Allah’s mercy. But unfortunately, many think that reading the Quran without understanding is of no use. They should think again.

Do they think the Divine book is like other books which have to be understood? The Qur’an, a Divine Book, is different; it guarantees well-being and success in this life as well as the afterlife and mere reading or reciting it is in itself rewarding and meritorious.

Moreover, every Muslim must commit to memory some portions or surahs for ready recital without having to open the book. According to Ibn Abbas, our blessed Prophet said:

”He whose mind does not have some portion of Qur’an is like an empty house”.

  1. Patience

Every one of us is visited by sorrow and pain in one form or the other. Man, however rich or pious or powerful he may be, would experience pleasure as well as pain. Even Allah’s chosen messengers have suffered in this world. Of course, the measures of pleasure and pain may vary, but complete and permanent freedom from pain is impossible.

Thus in times of sorrow, what you need is patience. Never forget that whatever Allah does, it has some Devine meaning which man cannot and must not understand at the moment. Never lament nor complain; rather have faith in Allah. Believe in Him and pray for Him to change your pain and sorrow into pleasure and comfort, and save you from such plight in future. Such is called patience.

  1. Respect for guests

Showing respect and hospitality to guests is an important part of our religious behavior and has been much emphasized. Our Blessed Prophet said, according to Abu Hurairah, that:

“He who believes in Allah and the Day of Judgment should treat his guest with respect and courtesy” (Bukhari and Muslim)

This enjoinment tells us to treat our guest cordially. In fact, one hadith tells us to prepare special food for the guest on the first day provided one can afford it.

However, unnecessary and senseless observance of formalities and customs should be avoided. First of all, one should care for the guest’s comfort: hence one should not insist upon feeding him if that would cause him pain or trouble. In such a case his comfort and will should be respected.

Guests too should not unnecessarily burden the host and should not overstay; it has been expressly forbidden by a hadith in Sahih Muslim.

  1. Always begin with “Bismillah”

Saying “Bismillah” when starting any work is a tool for Allah’s mercy and protection. It shows that you are conscious of Allah and thus include Him in every action of yours. Allah will never forsake those who always are conscious of Him. Our blessed and exalted Prophet has said:

“Every important work which does not begin with Bismillah remains imperfect and half clone”.

Every step or action you take should begin in Allah’s Majestic Name. This might seem little, but it’s a Sunnah of our eternally blessed and beloved prophet. And as we all know, all that has been done and thought by the Holy Prophet is something of great value and importance.

Bismillah should be said when entering or leaving the house, upon entering and exiting the mosque, before starting to eat and drink, before putting on your shoes, before reading a book, before starting your day’s work, and before doing anything. Each and every change of state should be perfected with Bismillah.

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