Does the Hijab really degrade women?

People say things like, ‘The non-Muslims have excelled profusely, and ‘veil’ will obstruct Muslim progress!’ Does the Hijab or veil really degrade the status of women?

Well, that’s what they always say about the Hijab. But that’s not what it implies. The ‘veil’ does not obstruct Muslim progress. In fact, unveiling does.

Yes, this is true; when Muslims had shame and modesty and veiling was a common practice, they conquered city after city consecutively until the flag of Islam waved high in countless countries of the world.

Veil-observing mothers gave birth to courageous generals, commanders, great scholars and venerable saints.

For as long as veiling was a common practice and chaste women confined themselves with veils and the four walls of their homes, the Muslim community excelled and surpassed the disbelievers. Since Muslims began to commit unveiling due to non-Muslim influences, we have been constantly falling into the deep pit of descent.

In the past ill-fated disbelievers trembled with fear on hearing the name of a Muslim, but now, as a consequence of Muslims’ unveiling and wrongdoings, they have become dominant.

Islamic countries are constantly under barbaric attacks and oppressive conquests, but Muslims are oblivious to all this.

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What kind of prosperity are Muslims searching for in watching films and dramas on TV, VCRs, the internet, in singing indecent movie songs, dancing in weddings, imitating unbelievers by shaving their beards, wearing indecent clothes like unbelievers, making their shameless wives wander around amusement parks wearing makeup and sending their children to non-Muslim countries for secular knowledge?

Who is truly prosperous?

It is extremely sad that many Muslims today are consciously committing sins such as lying, backbiting, slandering, betraying trusts, adultery, consuming alcohol, gambling, watching films and dramas, listening to songs etc.

Most Muslim women have adopted the impure attitude of walking shoulder to shoulder with men and consequently have thrown the shawl of shame off their bodies and are ruining their afterlives by wearing eye-catching saris, skimpy outfits, masculine clothing, wandering about in wedding halls, hotels, amusement centers and cinemas with masculine hairstyles.

By Allah! This lifestyle will not lead to progress or prosperity. Progress and prosperity lie only and solely in obeying Allah Almighty and His Messenger (pbuh) and spending our extremely short lives by following the Sunnah and consequently entering our graves with our faith safe and reaching Heaven whilst saving ourselves from the torment of Hell.

Our Merciful Lord said in the 185th verse of Surah Al-e-‘Imran (part 4):

So the one who is saved from the fire and is admitted into Paradise – he is successful. (Surah Al-e-‘Imran, verse 185)

Sadly, the unveiling of women and excessive sins are extremely troublesome. No one can endure the torment of Hell. This is a warning by the Prophet of Rahmah, the Intercessor of Ummah, the Owner of Jannah ‘I saw more women in Hell.’ (Muslim)

This is a commentary of the chastity verse, not more not less. The heart and eyes are ruined by being close to a non-Mahram. There is no more modesty in eyes or fear of Allah in hearts. The system of life has been disturbed since long. These luxurious parks are murder-sites for modesty and shame. These spectacles of sin are earthly glamor.

Extreme shamelessness!

Muslims who covet this deceptive non-Muslim advancement and promote shamelessness and indecency should ponder very carefully.

What is happening in Western countries! People watch their daughters in the arms of other men in dance halls with absolutely no hesitation; in fact, these parents proudly support such behavior.

Every other day newspapers report shameless incidents about unveiling fashionable women committing ‘indecencies’.

If a woman becomes a victim of male lust (rape) and becomes pregnant how will she conceal herself! An abortion could risk her life. I admit that there are hospitals in advanced Western countries that provide ‘abortion services’ and provide refuges for ‘protecting’ unmarried mothers, but will these women achieve honor in society?

Even if unmarried couples suffer in this world for their sins but what will become of their child. This lust-driven father might turn his eyes away from his child; this undignified mother might throw it away on a rubbish dump or leave it in an orphanage.

In some Western countries, the population of illegitimate children is more than 60% of the total newborns and the number of unmarried mothers is shockingly increasing. Divorce rates are high, homes are yearning for peace, there is no trust or true love between husbands and wives; tolerance and sacrifice are non-existent.  The slightest irritating actions lead married couples to divorce.

Just think! A good understanding between a husband and a wife is the first brick and strong foundation upon which society’s palace is constructed. How can a stable and healthy society exist if its foundation is weak?

There are benefits for us in obeying Islam’s commandments and harms in going against its prohibitions. This religion is for eternity, so there will never be a time when its prohibitions [i.e. deeds declared haram] become permissible or harmless.

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May Allah help us and our women in this chaotic world.