Hunger for Allah: What is the correct time for Suhoor/Sahri in Ramadan?

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The time of Suhoor starts from midnight and ends a few minutes before Fajr. But when is the correct time to take your meal for fasting. How close or far should it be from Fajr?

Zayd Ibn Thabit reported that:

“We took Suhoor with the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) and then we stood up for prayer. I said: How long was the interval between the azan and Suhoor? He replied: The time required for the recitation of fifty verses”. (Bukhari and Muslim)

In another narration, the noble Prophet also instructed by saying:

“Hasten the breaking of the fast and delay the Suhoor”. (Sahih Al-Jami’).

In relating to the above hadith, you should delay the Suhoor as close to Fajr as possible. Which means that it is recommended for you to delay the pre-fast meal to the latest possible time (about 20 minutes before the time for Fajr or pre-dawn prayer comes in).

But is all depends on how much time you use to take your meals. If you know you are too slow then you should start taking your meal earlier to avoid rushing.

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May Allah accept our Ibadah!

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