Benefits of reciting Surah al-Feel (The Elephant)

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Surah al-Feel is the 105th chapter (surah) of the Quran. It is a Meccan sura consisting of 5 verses. The surah is written in the interrogative form.

The principal subject of the surah is a specific historic event. The year of Muhammad‘s birth is identified as ‘the Year of the Elephant’, when Mecca was attacked by Abraha accompanied by an elephant. Quranic exegetes interpreted that God saved the Meccans from this force by sending a swarm of birds that pelted the invaders with clay stones and destroyed them. The army of Abraha destroyed for attacking the Kaabah is a reminder and an example that Allah can save His house (Al-Ka’bah) by destroying an army of 60,000 with elephants, through a flock of birds. The origin of the word sijjīl (i.e. Lava stone from Volcanic eruption) in verse 4 has the etymology proposed as Persian sang and gil (‘stone’ and ‘clay’), or Aramaic sgyl (‘smooth altar stone’). In the Quran ‘sijjīl’ occurs in two other verses: 11:82 and 15:74.

Benefits of reciting Surah al-Feel

  1. It is narrated from Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq that whoever recites this surah in his faraa’idh prayers, the mountains will bear witness on the Day of Judgement that he prayed and he will be taken to Jannah on the command of Allah (s.w.t.).
  2. The person who recites this surah is kept safe from his enemies and has his difficulties and problems solved quickly.
  3. Recitation of this surah is also helpful in remaining safe from evil tyrant rulers.

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