Chapter 1 – So you think you are a Muslim? Please think again!

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This is the first chapter of a book called “Am I really A Muslim?”. You can download this book for free.

My name is Abdulai and you are welcome to this blog. I just want to share with you this little story.

When I was far behind as a Muslim, I dreamt a lot that one day I also become like the righteous ones. Even though it’s been a while, I still remember learning the Holy Quran with my first teacher. We had just finished the Isha prayers and I was feeling both encouraged and intimidated of my journey to becoming a better person.

My teacher, a man who spent a lot of his entire life worshiping Allah, learning and teaching the Quran, asked me why I am so eager to learn the Quran.

“You know what it means to learn the Quran?” He said it requires more sacrifice of one’s time and lifestyle.

I don’t really care about the sacrifices, I told him. I just want to be a good Muslim

Despite my courage, I secretly thought this was just a mere conversation. And as soon as I started my journey, I thought everything would go smoothly, but… Of course, that’s not exactly how things went.

Since then, I’ve started living my life the better way, separated myself from bad friends and started to get close to the new good ones, took my five daily prayers very seriously, fast as much as I can on Mondays and Thursdays and so on.

But still, even though I did all my possible best, I wasn’t feeling I’m at instant success. I haven’t found the peace of mind the Quran promised for the righteous people. And I haven’t yet realized any big success in my life as a righteous person. And yet, I’ve tried so hard.

So, why was I not showered with all the blessings that Allah promised for the righteous people? You may ask!

Well, it was all because of my approach to becoming a good Muslim. I was much focused on my success in life as a Muslim but not to please the one who grants success.

And due to my disgusting approach to becoming a good Muslim, I learned a lot about Allah but completely failed to know him.

Trust me, a lot of Muslims are particularly good at knowing all about who Allah is but have no idea of what it means to know him. To know about Allah is completely different from knowing him.

To make things clear, let’s look at this scenario. Perhaps you are interested in becoming a writer. You read books and take courses that teach everything you need to know to become a good writer. But you’ve never practiced all the knowledge you’ve learned. At this point, it is safe for me to say that you know a lot about writing but you don’t really know how to write.

So the easiest way to explain my point to you is that knowing about Allah means acquiring knowledge about Him. And truly knowing Allah means putting the knowledge you’ve acquired into practice. Though, I’ve talked a lot about knowledge and action in my this free e-book.

But for now, I just want you to know that things really changed completely for me after I move away from knowing about Allah to knowing him. I am very happy and proud of my journey on becoming a good Muslim.

Every day I use to sit down in front of my teacher, trying hard to understand the Arabic text. I learn hadiths and books that focus on the lifestyle of the ideal Muslim.

Every day I try to put together ideas out of thin air just to improve my life as a righteous person. One of these ideas led me to become a struggling writer who loves to inspire others, especially my dear Muslims, to focus on the good life.

It’s been a tough journey though. And I’ve learned from my observation that, certainly, you are either a good Muslim or a bad one. There is nothing like being in the middle.

If you are the good type, you must maintain it, and for the bad type, you must hurry up and join the good Muslims because you never stop loving to lead the beautiful life.

But how do you know where you belong? And how do you migrate from where you are to where you wish to be, as a Muslim? This is exactly what this letter is all about.

Don’t stop pursuing now, because you never stop pursuing the good life. Download this free e-book to discover what kind of Muslim are you really. It contains remedies to inspire you to begin your journey towards becoming a better Muslim (or continue it with a renewed focus).

You can read the chapter 2 here.

Insha-Allah, I hope and pray that you find it useful!

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