Allah Allah: Love for Allah’s Sake

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Part 1

Muslims should begin giving Islamic education to their children from their very tender age.

Ali (A.S.) delighted in the company of his children. Once he was sitting in his house with his two young children, Abbas, his son, and Zainab, his daughter.

Ali (A.S.) said to Abbas, “Say ‘WAHID‘” (meaning ‘ONE’ in-Arabic). The boy uttered “WAHID”.

Ali (A.S.) then asked him to say “ISNAIN” (Two). Abbas replied, “I feel ashamed to utter ‘two’ from the same tongue which just said ‘ONE’.”

Ali (A.S.) hugged his son, pleased at such a charming expression.

Such a reply from Abbas indicated how deeply devoted he was in his belief in Tawheed – Oneness of God.

That true and staunch believer in one God never likes to even imagine any association with One God.

Zainab then asked, “Dear father, do you love me?”, he said, “Yes, of course, my children are like part of my heart”.

On hearing this, she said, “You also love God. How can two loves be accommodated in one heart of a true believer, the love of Allah and that of children?”

Ali (A.S.) smiled and replied, “Love God and for the sake of His love, you love His creatures – children and fellow beings too. I love you for the sake of Allah.”

Such deep thinking and words of true Tawheed on Zainab’s part pleased her father and he gave her much praise and affection.

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Allah Allah - Love for Allah's sake

Part 2

Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) once saw a young boy. He was gazing at the Prophet in such a way as his eyes and face indicated deep love and reverence.

This attracted the Prophet who went and stood near him. He asked him, “My son, tell me, do you love me?”.

The boy replied, “Yes, Oh the messenger of Allah, by Allah I do love you indeed”

Prophet: “Do you love me to the extent of your two eyes?”

Boy: “I do so more than my two eyes”

Prophet: “Do you love your father more than myself?”

Boy: “Oh Prophet, my love for you is more than that for my father.”

Prophet: “Do you love me to the extent you do your mother?”

Boy: “I love you more than even my mother”

Prophet: “Let me see, do you love me to the extent of your own life?”

Boy: “Oh Prophet! Allah witness that I love you, even more than my own life

The Prophet was deeply moved at this reply and expressed his affection for him. Then he asked: “Tell me, do you love me to the extent you do Allah?”

At this juncture, the boy smiled and said “Allah Allah Allah”. That Allah is loved more than anybody else. Neither you Prophet nor anybody can be loved more than Allah. Even if the Prophet is loved more than others; it is FOR THE SAKE OF ALLAH.

So moving were the words of the boy that everyone hearing this was much impressed. The Prophet turned to his companions and said, “You must be like this boy. Love Allah for all his blessings bestowed upon you. And love me for HIS sake and obey me.”

The Holy Qur’an describing those in love of Allah and says:

“And those who believe are stronger in love for Allah “. (2:165)

Mufti Menk’s Video on Loving each other for Allah’s sake:

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