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Who is a good Muslim by Mufti Menk

“Who is a good Muslim” is a very beautiful and powerful lecture by Shaik Mufti Menk. It’s very inspiring and refreshing. Here, you can watch the video if you like, and you can also read the text which I have transcribed for seekers to benefit Insha-Allah.

Please note that this video is transcribed with slight modifications to make it easy for perusal Insha-Allah!

Bismillahirahmannirraheem. Alhamdulillah Hirabbil Aalameen. Wa salaatu wa salaamu Alal mab-uuti Rahmata lil aalameen. Nabiiyinaa Mohammadan wa alaa aalihi wa suhabihi ajma’een.

Brothers and sisters, we commence by praising Allah (SWT), sending blessings and salutations upon Mohammad (SAW), his entire household, all His companions, may Allah bless them all and bless every single one of us.

May he keep us steadfast! May he grant us the power to become better people as the days pass! And may he grant us the ability to fulfill the commands that he has prescribed for us.

And may he grant us the ability to abstain from the prohibitions that he has made clear. And may Allah (SWT) grant us the power to turn to him at all times in repentance, AAMEN.

We have a topic that is very broad, it can be discussed from more than a thousand angles.

Who is a Muslim? And who is a good Muslim?

The reality with this would govern the entire life that we leave, from point A right to Z.  May Allah (SWT) grant us goodness and may he make us more conscious of who we are.

The first question I need to ask myself is where was I before I was born? Then I need to ask myself where am I right now, and how long will I be here? And then I need to ask myself, where am I going to go after my heart stops beating, when this body of mine is separated from the soul?

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Every one of us should be bothered about the answers and we should not rest until we are satisfied with the answers.

We will have to go to the creator and maker. Because lost are those who believe that we all just came into existence coincidentally. That is definitely very foolish. May Allah protect us!

A growing number of people feel that we are here in this world and we are just here co-incidentally. We need to enjoy as much as we can and we need to reduce this beautiful life to a little period of entertainment. And once we enjoy ourselves either with whatever makes us feel good, then when we die, we just disappear into thin air.

Sadly, this is growing to a certain extent! But I’ll like to give you good news that there is a revival of religion and faith, more so that of Islam. May Allah (SWT) strengthen us!

My brothers and sisters, today the globe promotes entertainment as being the reason that you were brought to this world.

So people every Saturday night, they are gone for dance, they are gone to the clubs, every other evening they are on weed and perhaps they might be smoking all sort of items, maybe Marawana and so forth. And they might sound like, “it makes me feel good man, there’s nothing wrong with it”.  That’s what they say.

But Allah (SWT) has indeed shown us the path. That in this world we will enjoy, and we will only enjoy the most when we discipline ourselves to the laws of the maker.

So when Allah has dedicated laws of marriage, for example, they are there in order for me and you to lead a much more blessed life, full of purity.

When a person suffers anxiety, or sometimes when they have engaged in lots of sin, they begin to suffer anxiety. And they have a bad relationship with their own family members, with their spouse, with their children perhaps with others, because they have been engaging in sin and they have wasted their time in this life.

When a person is on his or her death bed, what happens? The person begins to think, where am I going? And everyone will say you will be okay, everything will be fine. Meanwhile, this person is sitting on the death bed. May Allah grant cure to those who are sick and ill.

But ultimately, we all have to go. It is pointless at the last moment, worrying about where am I going to go unless it is prior to the point of harhara. Allah accepts the repentance of a slave for as long as they have not got to the point of harhara.

And harhara for your information is the final point as the soul is leaving the body. So prior to this point, Allah accepts your tawbah.

And what is the meaning of tawbah? It means repentance.

You can just say I admit my fault, I seek your forgiveness, I repent to you and I will not do it again forgive. I am at your mercy, O Allah.Click To Tweet

This is known as Tawbah. When you repent to Allah, turn back to Allah, change you way and habits in order to become a better person so that you can lead a beautiful life in this world, full of discipline and at the same time, when you are dying, you are dying in a way that you’re looking forward meeting with the one who made you.

Today if I were to tell you the differences between the one who made and the one who invented. Remember there is a difference between Allah, when he creates and when other people invent.

Allah creates from nothing. He just said Kun and it is done. When we read from the Holy Quran, Allah said:

إِنَّمَا أَمْرُهُ إِذَا أَرَادَ شَيْئًا أَن يَقُولَ لَهُ كُن فَيَكُونُ – (Quran,36:82).

'His command is only when He intends a thing that He says to it, 'Be,' and it is.'Click To Tweet

This is a beautiful verse of Sura Yasin where Allah explains that when He (Allah) wants something he just says, Kun. Which means ‘be’ and it is. By the will of Allah, that is a creation from nothing.

But the invention of man is such that it is just the transformation of the creation of Allah from one form to another.

So when a person says I created a motor vehicle, it is not creation, it is invention in the scene that he took the different creature of Allah (SWT) and perhaps, applies his knowledge given to him by Allah, and then came up with something that will be able to benefit man in a specific way.

This doesn’t mean it is created but it means it is invented.

So, if I were to tell you that the inventor of a motor vehicle is coming to visit us here. Or one of the gadgets we have in our hands, like the mobile and so on. People will be very excited to see this person.

A good Muslim does everything with good Intention

One night ago I had a walk on the other side and I see the excitement of the people. And I remind you, my brothers and sisters, I am a mere mortal, someone whose value is completely nil.  Has it not been for the deen of Islam, had it not been for trying to please Allah (SWT), we would not even be knowing one another. Have you realized that? And there will come a time when no one will know me and nobody will know you. May Allah (SWT) safeguard us.

So, whilst we become happy to meet one another. Let’s clear our intentions that we are meeting each other solely for the sake of Allah (SWT). So that it can draw us closer to Allah(SWT). Not just that I can say I met this person. If I relate it to Allah, I am a good Muslim. Maasha Allah.

I realize that the Islam I have is something broader than the mere meeting with the smile of someone, although that too is part of Islam.

If I were to great you with a smile and make you feel the warmth of my heart and you make me feel the warmth of your heart as Muslims and part of one big family, in that particular case we are at the beginning, the first few steps of being a Muslim. But if we put Allah out of that equation, we’ve lost everything.

Always remember your maker. We will get excited if someone important were to come here, but imagine meeting your own maker. If someone says come we’ve got to go and meet our maker, the one who made us. Allahu Akbar! That can only happen in Jannah.

Good Muslims repent to Allah each day

So how many of us are preparing to go into paradise. One of the cheapest ways to go into paradise is to seek forgiveness from Allah. Repent and Return to Allah. We ask Allah to forgive our sins.

Allah’s forgiveness will elevate our status as people as time passes.

Once I met a young man who told me to give him some advice. And I said to him to constantly ask Allah’s forgiveness. He said but what if I did nothing wrong. Then I had to explain to him that istighfar and repentance is something whether you know you’ve done something wrong or not, you continue seeking the forgiveness of Allah, for anything and everything.

repentance without sin

'Make tawbah not just for sins you have committed! But also for obligations you haven't fulfilled'Click To Tweet

When you constantly ask Allah’s forgiveness, your status will be elevated, you’ll become conscious of Allah.  Once all your sins are wipe out, it will benefit you in your grave. This is why our beloved Mohammad (PBUH) as perfect as he was, still use to engage in repentance 100 times a day approximately.

Who are we? We are not messengers, we are not perfect. Why is it that we find ourselves by calling ourselves good Muslim? Meanwhile, we haven’t yet asked Allah’s forgiveness. A week has passed, sometimes more than that has passed and we haven’t even thought about it. So, my brothers and sisters, it’s extremely important for every one of us to constantly ask Allah’s forgiveness so that we can be considered good Muslims. We ask Allah’s forgiveness.

Good Muslims never harm others and always conscious of their Maker

We do not harm the creatures of Allah Almighty. In fact, so much so that we should be the last people to even think about damaging the ecosystem because we are good Muslims.

My brothers and sisters, the excitement that one will have to meet his own maker, reminds me of the verse of Allah (Quran verse)

يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا اتَّقُوا اللَّهَ حَقَّ تُقَاتِهِ وَلَا تَمُوتُنَّ إِلَّا وَأَنتُم مُّسْلِمُونَ – (Quran 3:102)

O you who have believed, fear Allah as He should be feared and do not die except as Muslims [in submission to Him].

When we say the term taqwa, I know you will translate it as fear of Allah. Some have a broader meaning. It is a combination, and it is more of consciousness of Allah. And if you are conscious of your maker and you are conscious of the fact that you are going to return to him, everything you do in your life will be a preparation towards that day.

Allah says and do not die except in the condition of submission.

Now, what does that mean? Do not die except in the condition of submission.

It means lead your life in such a way that you know death can over take you at any time. If it were to overtake you right now, would you be among those who are submitters unto their own creator? If your answer is yes, then you are very fortunate.

Like I said yesterday, we have profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and WhatsApp and so on. Ask yourself: “will i like to die with that profile on?

If you were to die today, and people saw your profile with your messages and all the status’ that you put up, and the pictures that you shared and whatever else you had there, would you really be proud of yourself having it there?

That’s a very powerful question. Because today we have social media and you find people choose the worst to put up on that.

Sometimes they share things that are so embarrassing that if they were to die; their close relatives will have to hide or will have to find ways of how to close that account in a way that nobody on the globe can see it. Because people will say, the last picture this brother or sister put on his status was something that was not befitting a Muslim.

So, my brothers and sister, it is an open call. If you are a good Muslim, make sure you portray yourself as a good Muslim. Leave that which is not befitting a Muslim.

Someone might say “I’m just showing people”.

A good Muslim is a good role Module

You are not showing people. It’s for the sake of Allah. And Allah said when you set a good example, you will receive the reward of all those who followed that example, and every single one who has learned from that example.

So my brothers and sisters, when you controlled yourself or when you discipline yourself to the degree that people learn from you and the discipline you have, you are automatically receiving a great reward, you are contributing towards the goodness of the Ummah. And you are a person who definitely can be considered as one who is trying to be a good Muslim.

Because if we were to set up bad Example, and if we were to be people who others have followed and that has led them to distraction, then we will definitely be a great loss and good people never loose. We cannot call ourselves good peoples if we cannot be good role modules.

This is why when a sin is committed to private; there is a greater chance of the mercy of Allah than when a sin is committed openly. So much so that the Prophet (PBUH) has told us that people will continue to have that flicker of goodness as they do not openly transgress.

Like today when you can find people doing something very bad and when you were to tell them, my son, it’s not a good idea to do it so publicly and so boldly, they’ll tell you: “Who are you? Even my father doesn’t tell me that”. Well, then I need to talk to your father. (Allahu Akbar)

My brothers and sisters, if this is going to be our attitude can we call ourselves good Muslims? May Allah protect us!

A good Muslim is always conscious of these three questions

Who you are, your purpose of life, and your destination!

I ask at the beginning of this section. Where was I prior to my birth?

The only way I will know the answer to that is by referring to revelation. Go back to Allah because nobody else has the answer. Science cannot help you. Medicine cannot help you. Those with PhDs cannot help you. The most educated person on the globe cannot help you. The machinery and technology we have will not help you. Nothing will help you. But revelations will help you answer the questions.

Where were you, before you were born?

Where we are now, perhaps we might be able to get a little bit of information, you know we can feel, if I were to pinch my chick I will actually be able to feel it and I will release it with a little pink mark. May Allan protect us!

No matter what type of beautiful health I have, what type of good looks one may have, what type of wealth one may have, we are all heading in one directions.

And remember that the more conscious I am of the fact that my time is running out, the better a Muslim I can be.

If we can all think in this way, Insha-Allah we will be able to prepare by making the most of the time we have.

You know what worries me? People are more into sports more than ever.

Let’s talk about football. If you have 90 minutes as a football player, you have to be the best footballer possible by trying to score as many goals as you can. Right or wrong?

Well, life is the same. or similar. where you have 90 years max for example, maybe less, the average a’maar between 50 and 70, according to the narrations of Rasulullah, so if for example, you have X amount of time, how many goals can you pack away, that’s what you need to think about.

Every Salaat is a goal. Every zakat is a goal. Every good deed is a goal. Every bad deed is an own goal. Are you foolish to go back to your own net? Remember your opponent (in this case Satan) will say yeah, and it was you, May Allah protects us.

So this is why sometimes Allah gives us an extra time to score more goals. Extra time in football becomes more exciting and this is why every one of us if Allah has given us age and we become older, we can be more prepared than he who dies suddenly at an early age. This is a gift from Allah.

So sad that we understand how football works but we don’t understand how life itself works.

There is a final whistle that shall be blown. It is called the trumpet. Allahu Akbar.

The Prophet (PBUH) has said, the angel who has been tasked to blowing the trumpet has already got that trumpet and has almost prepared to blow into it. He’s holding it and is already taking a breath required to blow into it. This is an amazing description.

How many good deeds can I pack away today before the end of today?

Will I read my Salaat, will I do it so happily, will I be truthful, will I help others, will I assist people, will contribute towards the good of society? Will I help prepare the generation to come so that they can lead a better life? am I going to be a person who is just sitting enjoying myself with entertainment?

My brothers and sisters that is not what life is. If you are a good Muslim how can you reduce your life to entertainment alone? Yes, you may want to enjoy yourself within the limit once in a while. You should spend time with your family, but you need to know the greatest enjoyment is achieved by obeying the instructions of your maker. He tells you, to eat that which is pure and good, he tells you to earn in a beautiful way if you are a good Muslim. He tells you to spend time with your family members.

A good Muslim spends time with his family

Today the crises we are facing, people are prepared to spend time with their friends every night, doing only what Allah knows and they know.  And there are spouses and family members whom they are supposed to be spending time with. They are responsible for little orphans whose parents are alive. We don’t spend time with our family members. And we call ourselves good Muslims?

And we are depressed, we are sad, and sometimes we lose our families, we have children who grew up all on drugs and bad habits, because you never spend time with them. Rather enjoying yourself.

What’s wrong with taking your family out? Force yourself to enjoy that little time that Allah has given you to start with.

What’s the point of having a thousand friends when your own family is crying for your company and you can’t spend 5 minutes with them?

A good Muslim is an example to others

I remember once I was traveling and we stopped to refill in one of the petrol stations. There were a group of people in another vehicle, who looked at us and start laughing because we were Muslimeen, and we could see it. I told the brothers with me, just ignore them.

They had left 5 minutes before us. Some way down they had an accident, a huge accident. And we were one of the first people who met them in their accident and Masha-Allah that was an opportunity. I didn’t just look at them and say you guys laughed at me, you guys were so arrogant and now goodbye. No, we didn’t say that,

I stopped, ignored what happened before. Are you guys ok?  Is everything fine? And I noticed there were injuries.

Not only with my vehicle and few other vehicles, we pick them to the nearest hospital and thereafter, we happen to help them with their vehicle.

A lot happened as a result of our patience. I want to share with you a statement that was uttered to me down the line. One of them came to me and he told me, I thought Islam was a very barbaric religion that never ever respected human life. But for what I’ve seen today, I’ve changed my mind forever. Allahu-Akbar!

I didn’t ask him brother, enter Islam, but I told him, brother, here are three booklets, and here are two DVDs, I only want you to know what I believe. Here you are.

By the will of Allah, at least the best minimum is, the world can become a better place, People can start studying, they can start seeing, and they can ask questions. What a great opportunity that Allah gave us. This is supposed to be the quality of a good Muslim. May Allah make us good Muslimeen!

The worse among us is he or she who behaves in a way that people who already have no bad impressions of Islam start having worst impressions. We call ourselves good Muslims, and then we complained about the image of Islam on the globe when we have contributed towards it.

You are not a good Muslim because you were born a Muslim

You are not a good Muslim because you were born a Muslim! - Mufti Menk -Click To Tweet
You are not a good Muslim just because you Pray 5 times a day! - Mufti Menk -Click To Tweet

So it’s about time we revisit the rules of the game Subhanallah. How can someone want to play football when they don’t even know the rules of the game? And this brings me to a powerful point? If you want to be good Muslim you need to know revelation. You need to know what Allah wants from you.

It’s not good enough to say, well, you know I was born a Muslim, and its ok I pray 5 times a day. Islam is not just about praying five times a day.

There are so many people who pray 5 times a day, but their lives are upside down. They leave their lives like the worst of people, but one thing that happens is that they pray 5 times a day.

So let us not reduce Islam to just a faith which we should be proud of only during Ramadan. Once Ramadan goes, it’s over, everything goes. Our dress code changes and all the music series come back into our lives. May Allah grant us goodness and ease!

We sometimes think that once you enter a Masjid, then it’s ok, we are good Muslims by that.

But you’ll notice people frowning at people meanwhile they pray 5 times a day. Some people who claim to be more religious are rather the worse of people. You’ll find them dressed so appropriately, and Masha-Allah he looks like he’s such a religious person but when he looks at you with the eyes, he frowns and looks like he is not happy to meet you. And when you great Asalaamu-Alaikum he is frowning. If you come to Africa even the lions don’t do that, they’ll smile at you. Isn’t it amazing? May Allah forgive us!

Really it’s sad, it brings tears to the heart to see people who are supposedly good, sometimes people have complained about this.

New Muslim sisters have complained of other sisters. They say some of the sisters who turn out to be so religious, they have unfriendly attitudes that they don’t even want to great, they don’t even want to look at the other sisters and make them feel at home.

And this is why people who reverted to Islam after a long time sometimes find it difficult. They look at their sisters and feels that nobody turns to them. I’m talking here of the sisters in particular.  Nobody gives them any importance, and they feel wow, “I was far better at the church”.

Brothers and sisters this is happening. But is that what a good Muslim is? We allow racism to overtake us? Impossible! Please help yourself be a better Muslim.

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A good Muslim strives to understand what is wrong and what is right through authentic sources

Like I said, when we talk of being a good Muslim, there are so many things that come to mind. The verses of the Quran are full of guidance but we haven’t read the Quran and we haven’t gone through the Sunnah of Mohammad (saw).

A good Muslim strives to understand what is wrong and what is right through authentic sources. - Mufti Menk -Click To Tweet

Look at The life of the Holy Prophet (SAW), he was the best and a shining example. We always talk about him all the time and we will like to emulate his lifestyle. He gave so much importance to people; He helped those who were his enemies as well. And he made sure that he greeted people, in fact, Allah tells him to go out and greet the poor.

Allah said when the believers come towards you, tell them Asalaamu-Alaikum. Allah is instructing the prophet to give greater importance to those who are seemingly down.

A good Muslim will spend a moment to even those who are poor. A good Muslim is he who gives importance to children, knowing that the future lies in their hands. A good Muslim is he who has understood the position of the sisters and will never abuse the respect of a sister.

The world out there teaches you that a woman is just an object of sexual amusement. Believe me; they can say what they want. People say Muslims women are being forced to what they are wearing. But the reality is that the non-Muslim women are rather forced to wear what they are wearing.


Well, it’s a different way of forcing. It’s just a more intellectual smart way of forcing. You see a sister or someone perhaps at different part of the world, wearing hills that are this high and they become higher that they cannot walk.

Look at how hard it’s becoming. she’s struggling but because the television has brain washed her, society has conned her, the movies have really knocked her brain out, the big brother and reality show has really taught her something and make her believe it’s her freedom.

She’s suffering in those shoes but she will not leave her house without them. You can’t even believe the mini skirt she’s struggling with. She’s doing all these because she’s on with the television every day.

Now looking at this, who’s being forced?

When she goes out there, she’ll look at the righteous women and said they are being forced, meanwhile, you are rather forced and compelled to do what you are doing, but in a smart way.

So, sisters, it’s just the matter of understanding Islam. It teaches you to be a pure person, that’s it. You do not want to be controlled by the male dominated environment around you because you are good Muslim.

You know, one of the sisters in the United States introduced something known as world hijab day. And to be honest with you, the success of it has been such that people who have not worn hijab and even the non-Muslims, they have a day in February when they adorn the hijab, Subhanallah.

They put on something in solidarity with those who are in hijab. They’ll tell you that the comfort we feel, the goodness and the respect we get is amazing. We are not judged by the hair we have, the type of shape we have and so on.

When a person is in love with your heart and your character and conduct, and your closeness to the Almighty, their love will only increase as the days pass because your faith will increase as you grow older Insha-Allah.

This is a beautiful way of life that we have in Islam, if we are to adopt it, we will surely taste the fruits of it.

The non-Muslims are beginning to admit that they are finding the pressure of society a little bit too much. I have had a lot of discussions with a lot of non-Muslims who admit this.

But worst and all that is the one who calls himself/herself a Muslim. And we said we are ambassadors of Mohammad. If they ask you what’s your name? You’ll mention Khadija, and Khadija was a name of the first wife of Rasulullah.  But the way you operate in life is worse sometimes than all the others put together, and we are supposed to be the ambassadors of this Deen, is that fair? I think we can do better.

My brothers and sisters, I can do better and so can you. And this is why a winner is the one who is inching closer to Allah each day. Some might be able to leap a little bit more quickly, but others, as long as you are inching closer, you are becoming better and better. You are learning more, putting it into practice and trying to teach others. You are in the right direction.

Nobody can be better than the one who ever has dedicated some time to learn what their creator has revealed, putting it into practice and conveying it to others.

This life is so short, and the purpose of it is to prepare for the eternal life. That’s what we Muslims believe. And for your information, the Jews and Christians believe something quite similar to that. They will tell you to prepare for the eternal life. May Allah grant us good preparation!

So if we lose focus even for a moment, we will be at a lost. And the one who constantly reminds us our purpose of life, don’t you think that person is adorable?

Allah mentioned at the end of Surah al-Furqan:

And those who when they are reminded of the Ayat of their Lord, fall not deaf and blind thereat. (Quran 25:73)

Those will be rewarded with the highest place because of their patience. Therein they shall be met with greetings and the word of peace and respect.

 Abiding therein — excellent it is as an abode, and as a place to rest in. 

Say: “My Lord pays attention to you only because of your invocation to Him…”

(Quran 25:77)

See also: Benefits of reciting Surah Al-Furqan

You leave your life in a beautiful way, and you will die in a beautiful way, and you are hoping for Allah to grant you from his mercy a beautiful abode. Allahu-Akbar! None of us should lose hope in the Mercy of Allah. A good Muslim always knows that Allah is most merciful. A good Muslim Always knows that no matter what I have done, I can turn my life right now, I seek forgiveness to Allah I repent to him directly, I do not need to confess my sin to anyone but my own maker. I seek forgiveness from none but my own maker. And Allah will forgive you.

A good Muslim call to righteousness

One of the best of Muslims are those who call others towards Islam, and you know there are several ways towards calling people towards Islam, you can invite them verbally and you can also do it Just through our character and conduct.

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If one person were to accept the Deen through an effort of yours by the will of Allah, automatically you will achieve a lot. Because every Salaat they read, you have a reward. But the difficulty is that some people believe you should not be kind to non-Muslims, you should look at them with dirty eyes. Astaghfirullah! That is not Islam. Infect Islam is the opposite where you need to treat every non-Muslim as a potential Muslim; they will be, if only we lead our lives properly.

But we lie, we cheat we swear and deceive, we are unfaithful. What else, we fight each other, we are disunited. We oppress our women sometimes in the name of Islam and we say this is religion. We don’t want to greet one another as Muslims. What are we showing to the non-Muslims? May Allah forgive us!

It’s about time we educate ourselves regarding Islam. Feel the hope in the mercy of Allah. He is all merciful. Allah loves you. He wants to forgive you. He is looking for any chance to forgive you and I’ll only come from you, He wants to give you paradise. Turn to Him.

So the question is, who do you want to remind you to be a good Muslim? Today, it’s just a few buttons away. Whoever that sheik is who is appealing to you, say their name, Google them, and they will give you the same reminder. Exactly the same reminder!

Don’t just listen and say a scholar is a powerful speaker without letting them change your life. If your life fails to change then that wasn’t so powerful enough.

Life is not all about entertainment and enjoying yourself beyond limits, no. It is limited. You should know how to enjoy yourself. You should know what it is that will help you in this world to lead a peaceful life and in the life after here.

It’s amazing how we read the Quran again and again and haven’t even change. Everyone says that Sheik has beautiful recitation, I enjoy this recitation. But my brothers and sisters, Islam is not just about enjoying recitations, do something about it. Change your life by it. It’s not just about saying this and that, our men are doing this and our women are doing that. It’s not just about talking about things, change your life first to start with and the rest of the world will change Insha-Allah.

The message is loud and clear. No one is against anything that Allah has ordained, but when you do things, do them properly. Do them thoroughly. Do not do them in a way that when the non-Muslims or other Muslims see they will say we are making a mockery of Islam. So the laws of Islam are in place. It’s the way we do it sometimes that really becomes such that we become a laughing stock. May Allah protect us.

Let us all try to be better people than we are. Let us all promise Allah that we will become better than we are. I promise and pray to Allah to help me to become better today than I was yesterday. And help me to be better tomorrow than I am today. Do you share that promise with me?

Insha Allah, we should all promise to become better people and work very hard. Do not forget it because as I say, you may never be able to attain such a convention again. Who knows, your life might come to an end right now, in a few minutes. Mine might come to an end, who knows. But for as long as we are dedicated towards this betterment by the will of Allah, and earning the pleasure of Allah by getting closer to him as days pass. I guarantee you by the will of Allah, you will never regret.

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