Surah at-Tahrim

Benefits of reciting Surah at-Tahrim (The Prohibition) 

Surah at-Tahrim is a ‘madani’ surah and it has 12 ayaat.

It is narrated by the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) that the one who recites Surah at-Tahrim will be from those who always seek sincere repentance from Allah (s.w.t.).

The recitation of this surah and drinking of its water acts as a cure for many ailments and diseases.

Also, if this surah is recited by a person who is not getting sleep then he will be able to sleep and if recited by a person who is frightened, he will become calm.

Frequent recitation also helps a person who is in debt to clear his debts.

May Allah make reading the Quran our daily habit. Aamen.

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