10 dangers of lust in Islam

So you wonder whether there is a problem with lust in Islam!

Well, don’t get me wrong. It is Allah who created lust, and He created it for a reason. Using your lust to disobey Allah is a great offense that comes with a great torment. So what you are about to read are the dangers of lust that will let you disobey what Allah has ordained.

Lust in Islam

The blessed heart does not find true pleasure or happiness in anything besides the love of Allah Almighty, getting closer to Him, and shunning everything beloved beside Him.

This blessed heart is tempted with several killer diseases, and one of them is the disease of lust. It most of the time goes no further than Zina (fornication/adultery)

It cast the person into distraction and drives him insanely away from the best of deeds, causes him to succumb to temptations, and misguides them unnoticed from the straight path.

People who have fallen into lust claim that it raises one’s self, and transcends one’s soul. They are praising lust to be a positive thing.  However, I think lust has severe negative effects on a human than its positive aspect.

It is a humiliation in the soul, a stain on the blessed heart, worthless in this world, and a punishment in the Hereafter. It is an ocean with a risky tide, and whoever sails on it drowns, as it has no shore.

Among the harms and negative aspects of lust are as follows:

  • Lust can cause a person to disobey Allah

Some Sheikhs used to say: ‘To be tested with an immoral action is more beloved to me than to be tested with being lustful, causing my heart to show servitude to it, and busying my heart from Allah.’”

Once upon a time, there was a man who was called Saalih the Muazin, who was a caller to prayer for forty good years. Saalih was known to be pious.

It was narrated that one day, he ascended the minaret to call to prayer, and saw the beautiful daughter of a Christian man whose home was next to the mosque.

He was tested by this lady.

His lust was triggered and he finally went to her, knocked at her door, and she said: “Who is it?” He said: “I am Saalih the Muazin.”  Then the lady opened the door for him.

When he entered he hugged her in no time. The lady then said to him: “You are someone who is trustworthy. What kind of shameful behaviour is this?”

She said this because the man was trusted with the honour of others as a Muazin, since they climb on the minaret and the roofs of the mosque, enabling them to see the homes around.

The Mu’azin out of lust quickly the said: “I am free from Islam and from whatever Muhammad has brought,” and got closer to her.

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She said: “You only said that to satisfy your desire since you will go back to your religion. If you are truthful and will leave Islam, then eat some pork.” So he ate some pork. She again said: “Drink some alcohol.” So he drank.

When the alcohol flowed through his body, he approached her. She entered the house and closed the door, then said, “Go to the roof, so that when my father comes he can marry me to you.”

He went to the roof, and on the way, his foot slipped, and he fell and died.

The lady then went out and wrapped him in a torn casket. When her father came, she told him the whole story, so at nightfall, he went and threw him in the street.

His story became well-known among the people, and he was then thrown in a garbage bin.

This is the kind of danger lust can bring!

Lust in Islam

  • Lust can lead to Kufr

Just like the Mu’azin, the one who lusts after someone will strive to reach the peak of their lust by all available means. Perhaps they would even resort to win the one they lust immorally.

This is a huge calamity!

  • It makes one forget Allah

Among the dangers of lust is that it makes one to fully get involved with the creation in neglect of the creator.

The love one has for Allah Almighty should overcome any other love. It means abandon whatever will make you go against Allah. But lust won’t allow you. It is already driving a lot of people so mad that they think of their desires to be superior to that of Allah’s own.

May Allah protect us!

  • Lust is also self-distracting

Lust is so distracting that people tend to lose their religion and joy of life.

Because there will be separation from Allah, hence no time to please Him, leading to distraction. As you won’t even have time for your wellbeing as well.

Lust is self-distractive!

  • Lust is a good destroyer of reputation

The one who is lustful harms his own status among people. Such a person’s story will be mentioned by everyone and the people will transmit the story to one another with pleasure and perhaps rejoice at his misfortune.

Further, perhaps they would fabricate things against him in order to beautify the story and make it more scandalous. They might even accuse the person of illicit acts

  • Lust might lead to murder and other grievous crimes

How many lives has lust taken already? People go to extremes of killing just due to their lustful desires.

How many blessings have lust carried away? How many individuals of high statuses had their statuses lowered? How many people have been corrupted by it?

There is no strength or might except through Allah.

  • Lust makes one’s life a sour one without good ending

A lustful person might not receive divine aid to have a good ending.

Among the evils of lust is that the lustful person might not be given divine aid to have a good ending unless Allah the Exalted forgive the person in His mercy.

May Allah the Exalted forgive us!

  • Lust might ruin one’s intellect.

The lustful person is always thinking about their lover and they cannot benefit from their intellect, and cannot benefit anyone else.

Lust is more dangerous than we thought. You look at someone with lustful intent. You assume that what you are thinking is only known to you alone. Your spouse has no idea; people around you don’t know either. Allah is always watching.

If you look at people of the opposite sex with lustful intention, please stop. It’s dangerous.

May Allah The Exalted protect us from the dangers of lust.

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